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heres an answer - July 6

kepp your legs closed til you can afford a baby!!!!!!


Jamie - July 7

To the last poster - go get a life. I'm not religious at all, but I've loved this quote my entire life - "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Anyway, Jessica - I'd say you're tougher than me - military pays for everything for me, and you've got to come up with it all on your own. I for one am here to say good job taking care of your little girl.


curious - July 7

why can't these infertile people adopt unwanted children already here instead of making these "stupid' teenagers breeders for them.


Jessica - July 19

To-Curios and heres an answer? What is your problem? This is what my post was about...PEOPLE LIKE YOU! You don't know me so PLEASE do not judge me!


to curious - August 11

you answered your own question--they are unwanted


alg - August 12

i dont have any kids so i cant say how u feel exactly but i do understand somewhat what u feel..i got married at 14 to some one who was 6 yrs older than me..we have been together for 5yrs now and are very happy..iam 17 now we own a house and 2 new vehicles and still after being married for 3yrs people still wont believe we r married,at such a young age iam doing better than most people i know that r in their 30's..they treat us like we have a contagious disease and most of the time people look down on me but now i just say ooh ur still single,or at ur age ur still living with ur mother,or ooh me and my husband have a really big house u should come over for dinner and if ur car is still in the shop just call ill come pick u up..i get the strangest faces and u know what i love it!!!


me - August 12

to curious-i think you are just a narrow minded b___h!


Tami - August 18

Jamie-guess what I get those looks also! I am also married-was before I conceived and I am 23. My husband is still in school, but I have graduated college and we dont' get any government a__sistance. The thing is I also look really young, so I get the I can't believe you are pregnant at so young an age look and the comments about people supporting us so we can have kids behind my back. It makes me so mad!


anna (16 and a proud mom) - August 20

i am 16 and i have a 3 wek old i dont really care what people think of my i love my lil girl to death and would do any thing for her. i kept her because she was the best mistake il ever make. yeah i did say mistake because it was but i couldnt have ask for a better punshment. she is my world and if i had to go back and do it again i would. she gives me the best feeling in the world because i know she loves me unconditonally just like i love her. people are always going to have something bad to say about something thats life but we've all messed up, its in our nature. so just get over it. you cant change peoples mind about there opinions.


Bump - September 28



To Jessica - September 29

Umm, is it that hard to go on the pill? or have protected s_x? One "oops" at a young age could MAYBE be dismissed as "oh well, she didn't understand and here we are, but look at how well she is doing for herself!"...two unplanned pregnancies...well, that is just IRRESPONSIBLE! On the positive side, it shows real maturity that you are giving your second up for adoption. I think you will find this a very very dificult thing....always wondering on your child's birthday where they are and what they are doing... but it is brave to think of the child first. and you MAY be a better mom than some "adults" out there, but let me tell you, that's not saying much when you consider that you need a license to catch a fish, but any flipping moron can have a baby.


Sally - September 29

When your baby is born you are hardwired to love it. It's biology...otherwise cave people would have been roasting their kids over the fire on a rotiserie. What's done is done. If you've had a kid already, be the best mom you can be, be prepared for people to judge you because you are a kid with a kid, and be prepared to have a much harder life than if you hadn't made your little "mistake"...but you all have a choice to make in the future....have more babies you can't afford (unless some rich uncle has a house he'll let you stay in for free) or use a stinkin condom and go on the pill.


To Jamie and Tami - September 29

Hi Ladies! Glad to know I'm not the only one! I'm 23 and married, but I look like I'm about 17...I've been worrying about how people will react when I start to show, as I do look so young. And to top it off, I'm in the middle of my university course, so everyone around me is 18 and thinks I am too! Brilliant that I'm not alone in this. And Jessica - you really, really seem to have your head screwed on, and it sounds like you'll be an excellent mother xxx


... - October 2

how can anyone just give a child away?


me - October 8

u get looked down on cause your just another statistic and another irresponsible person who shouldnt have a baby yet there are women with troubles concieving who would love to have a baby and two babys is too much for your age at lest your giving one up glad your doing good but next time do the world a favor and use the sense that god gave u!!!


To-me - October 8

How about u stop trying to cause problems im sure jessica is a great mother ... GROW UP ME AND STOP BEING A BITCH



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