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skinnyminny - April 28

This isn't about babies. I'm sorry. Forgive me. For all of you who got married young OR anyone who had a low budget wedding. How did you all pay for your weddings? Did you just go to a courthouse, did you have kind of a DIY reception, or did you have the money to go all out and invite tons of ppl? The reason i ask is because the longer we wait, the more money we'll have available obviously, but i don't want an engagement that lasts forever. I just wanted to know how you guys pulled it off. gracias senoritas.


Mommy - April 28

Maybe I'm hick, but we got married at the courthouse just to make it legal and we are not having a ceremony until we get more money for it. I say I'm hick because even when we do have our ceremony, it's going to be more like a wedding/reception cookout. It's going to cost around $175 just so we can invite everyone cause it is at a nature park and we are going to potluck the side dishes and get the main foods and cake ourselves. We are going to have it dressy casual with the wedding party. Over-all everything should cost about $500 tp $600. You can always make it legal now and have the ceremony later. BTW, before anyone starts bashing me for having such a "redneck" wedding, I come from a redneck family in a redneck town and spending $1,000 on a wedding is not me. I figure if you can afford it and want something lavish, great for you :o) but if you are anything like me, having a wedding that doesn't show who you are seems stiff and boring. P.S. We are having water balloons and squirtguns at the reception because between the 2 families there is like 25 kids at all age ranges. It's going to be fun!


Evonna - April 28

Most young teen mothers get married by courthouse because that's the only thing they could afford at the moment & their parents would never know. Alot of my friends, by the way i'm 19 years old, they went to the courthouse to get married and waited for the wedding. They just wanted to hurry & be officially husband & wife more than worrying about a big ol' wedding. Me & my Fiance' decided we get married in the courthouse first then have a wedding when the time is right, basically when when we're financially steady.


skinnyminny - April 28

thats not "hick" we want ur reception a little less formal. My original idea was to make it like a family reunion atmosphere, just fun and light. Lots of kids in attendance, maybe in a park or near the beach. I still want it to be kinda cla__sy though. My fi suggestes that instead of ppl getting all dressed up or wearing jeans , the guys could wear polos and slacks, and women could just wear sundresses or something. No booty shorts or midriff tops. I dunno. whatever.


Mommy - April 28

Wow skinnyminny! That's EXACTLY the idea I have for what to wear at my wedding! I was also thinking sundresses for the girls and Khakis and white shirts for the guys. That's so cool how similiar our ideas are!


EricaG - April 28

I got married last year, when I was 18. I had a decent sized (250 people) wedding. It was formal and fairly extravagant. My parents paid for it. I guess we just follow that old tradition. My grandparents paid for my mom's wedding ,My parents paid for my wedding, and My husband and I will pay for our daughter's wedding. My family is full of very talented women and I knew exactly what I wanted, so we decorated and made the flower arrangements ourselves. And did our own cake. but we hired people to do the other things; Rented a hall, caterers, Disc Jockey, Photographer, etc. So it was pretty expensive. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it! lol. If your on a budget, or if it's just your style, then throw a barbeque, make your own food, tell the girls and guys to dress nice, and just have fun.


quinnies_mommy - April 29

We are having a very low budget wedding. We are only inviting 100 guests.... and we found a local place that is really inexpensive that does the reception and wedding in one location. Also, a family friend is doing pictures. My grandmother is making some of the food, and so is my mom and his mom. We are making all the centerpieces, etc. And we found a low budget dj. My bridesmaids are buying their own dresses and the groomsmen are paying for their own tuxes. I am getting my dress at Davids Bridal. They have a 99dollar sale. We arent done planning the wedding, but that is so far! best of luck.


quinnies_mommy - April 29

also, register at it has an online budgeter with ideas and tips. It will also tell you when you should do what and how much money you have for it, from your budget.


Jenn - April 29

Hi skinny! Me and my DH decided to get marreid and had it all put together in a week! We got married at a state park on this bridge that over looked a canyon-it was the perfect day!! The color of the leaves made a perfect back drop for pics and best yet it was FREE! We found a guy to come out and marry us for 50 bucks and then we went over to the picnicing areas-we renting one for 75 dollars that had a log house to have a reception with family. It was great-My dh's dad ended up buying me a gown at the last minute and my brother gave my Dh a suit to wear. It turned out really great for a cheap wedding. I wouldn't have had it any other way!!


skinnyminny - April 30

I signed up at theknot, but i find it a little overwhelming because all of the Real Weddings are so intimidatingly beautiful. Anyway, thanx for all of your responses guys! and keep em comin' :-) P.S.- My fi is a little weary of family gatherings [ :-( ]so we're going to have to make the reception less drawn-out for him. Now i have no idea what to do. If he's not going to be having fun, what's the point of making him anxious for hours. His moodiness is driving me nuts. I wasn't sure why he kept pushing this "elopement" thing, but I figured it out.


alicia#1 - May 1

me and my husband are pretty yuong ourselves, and since we're both in the military, we dont have time for a wedding. We went to the courthouse when we were on leave. We will have the wedding later when we leave the military which is pretty soon. And i just got pregnant, so we'll have to push it further back.


Ddvinson3 - May 15

Well I got married August 05 our parents paid for everything. But my husbands uncle too the pictures for us, my band teacher in high school did our music, and we had caterers and stuff it was very gorgeous! I'm glad we didn't have to pay for it either or we would have been broke. But a friend of the family they got married at the court house and then we just had a reception for them after they went to the court house it was very lovely and only cost about $700. But also when we were at the court house getting our marriage certificate there was a couple that had on wedding dress and tux and had a wedding party. There was a bunch of people with them I guess friends and family. And they got married at the court house but actual had a real wedding flowers and everything. It was very beautiful!


corinne - May 16

I'm not married and not really sure what my thoughts are on it. But if you do choose to go to the courthouse then do it. With a reception you can make it fancy or laid back. I figure if I ever feel the need to get married then I would just do everything at my fathers house ( he has land) I would have my brother clean the fire pit and then we would do a pig roast. That way everyone leaves with a full belly. Very redneck you may think but yet the most expensive thing we would by is the pig for $100. I would spend about 200 dollars in total on the whole shindig.


HannahBaby - May 17

I got married at 19 (my husband is 29) I was 4 months pregnant and its wasnt the wedding that was important to me. It didnt matter what kind of wedding it was, it would always be specail to me because i am marrying my soal mate. And i wanted to bring my daughter into a legitimate family and have the same last name. We didnt have a reception because i thought it was tacky to not invite people to the ceremony, but to invite them to the party just to get gifts (not saying that anyones intention, but thats how i feel about it) Also, i told my husband if i cant have the huge wedding that i want then i dont want one at all, i didnt want to compromise and the wedding that i wanted would have taken alot of planning which i didnt have being 4 months pregnant. I dont regret how i got married, and never will.


Chris23 - May 17

I got married at a legion hall and only invited family and close friends (about 70 ppl). I had a friend of my aunt cater and a cash bar. All totalled, I probably spent around $2-3k. Not exactly cheap but it was nice. I don't understand how people can put themselves in debt to pay for $50k weddings.


ashleyd - May 18

We were planning a midsized wedding for this August, and bumped into some family drama...his side... and now we're opting for something much more low budget. Going courthouse style, then having a party/reception, whatever you want to call it. If you're looking for some ways to keep it super cheap and still have a wedding, there are plenty...we were having a friend do the cake, got our location for free...a friend DJ, so on, sadly...its not happening, but ya know :)


bRiT - May 19

ok I'm 19 and me and my husband got married on Dec 30, 2005 and I have to say we were blessed with a lot of it...I didnt get a traditional wedding gown...i went to a place called Carolines and got a white prom dress so that saveda bunch of money...for my shoes..I got plain white flip flops and got some sheer white fabric and did the whole fabric thing on the thong part...umm we had our wedding at our church and our pastor did it for no if you have a home church that may work...ours being so close to xmas..the church was still decorated so that helped..we just chose our colors to match (red and white) i think the only thing we had to do was hang up some icicle lights and do the bows at the end of the far as the wedding party....i told all the girls to go out and get a red dress i didnt care if it was the same dress or not...i told them all to have them the same length though...and the guys wore black pants with white shirts and red ties...we went to the local florist for all of the corsages and stuff and we got silk flowers cause it was cheaper...umm we got those little things of bubbles instead of birdseed..but birdseed is prolly cheaper...we got lucky with the cake...we ordered it 2 days before the wedding and it was only 50....let me see what far as the reception goes...we just did cake and punch in the foyer after the ceremony...i did all the music myself...downloaded a bunch of songs off of limewire....We got a lot of our wedding stuff at Hobby Lobby....look online..sometimes they have sales and stuff on all of their wedding stuff...As for the girls single long stemmed roses with white and red ribbon tied on trying to think what else...ours was all pretty fast too....we told our parents on xmas and got married on the we planned and got everything together in 4 days.....But like i said...check Hobby Lobby or even Wally'd be surprised at some of the things they have...dont forget!! something old, something new, something borrowed, and something new!! if you have any other questions email [email protected] LUCK!



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