2 Week Old How Long Each Breast

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cyclemom - March 5

My baby will be two weeks old tomorrow. He had been br___t feeding fine until just a few days ago. He used to nurse between 10-15 minutes each side,but now he will only nurse a total of 6-8 minutes no matter what i do. He will get weighed in a few days, but I'm still worried he's not getting enough. Sometimes it's because he falls asleep despite my best efforts to keep him awake and other times he just refuses. Is a total of 6-8 minutes okay? I'm pumping occassionally to keep my milk up. Any advice would be great. It's so easy to get frustrated when I'm SOOOOO tired!!


kellens mom - March 5

I was told that not to worry about nursing from both b___sts. Instead, they told me to alternate b___sts from one feeding to the next. If I forgot which one was next, then just go whichever one was fuller or more uncomfortable. I think dd was nearly 2 months old before she started fussing because she was not getting full with one b___st only. You are so lucky that your lo is a quick nurser. My dd took FOREVER! babies become very efficient at nursing. We started out taking 45 to 60 minutes to nurse. After about 4 months, dd was down to 15 minutes. Now at 10 months, she can down both b___sts in 8 to 9 minutes. Don't look at your watch...look at the number of dirty diapers. Keep track of pees and poop events. If you don't see a decrease then all is going well. Enjoy having time...I felt like I had just gotten done nursing and had to start over again. Some people have all the luck! My best to you.


tryingx3 - March 5

my dd STILL doesn't nurse from BOTH sides! Only OCCASIONALLY will she nurse from both sides...she is 5.5 mo old...maybe that is why she still gets up all hours of the night!


tinkri - March 5

My ds is 7 weeks old and he has always only nursed from one side for about 10 minutes per feeding. I just alternate b___sts with each feeding. Like Kellens mom said, if I forget, I go for the fuller b___st. Sometimes, he does only nurse for 6-8 minutes. As long as the poops and wet diapers keep coming, I would not worry.


Lala - March 5

Many times, the baby starts nursing faster at 2 weeks old. That's what my baby did too, and at first I wondered why he suddenly stopped eating as much. It's not that, it's that they get good/fast at it. And, yes, just watch for enough wet (6-8 a day) diapers and poops.


vanja10 - March 6

my ds is 4 days old now and i try to stick with one b___st only. But since my milk just came in, i find it so painful and today i expressed a little bit of milk to relieve the pain.. I'm not sure if I should try to give it to him in form of bottle (he's already used a pacifier a few times).. he poops and pees a lot, so i know he's getting nutrition, especially since he's so young still... but i do have a question.. i'm waiting for him to wake up now, he hasn't eaten in 4 hours, is it ok for them to go that long w/out eating.. my b___sts are killing me.. *lol* I've expressed milk from my left 2 x now today and when he did eat 4 hours ago, he ate from right. So anyone know if newborns do wait that long sometimes to eat.. mind u we gave him a bath 2 hours ago and that just knocked him right out...


tryingx3 - March 6

vanja10 - at that age we woke ours to feed every 2 - 2.5 hours. She was not gaining weight as she should because she preferred sleeping - especially at the b___st! :-)


tinkri - March 6

My ped told me not to let ds go for more than 3 hours between feedings for the first month or so.



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