3 4 Days Away From 4mth Baby While Bf

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hope2B - February 6

I plan on br___t feeding. How long, not sure, this will be my first child. I would like to feed at least 6 months if possible. When the baby is 4 mths old I have a wedding across the country for a best, best friend that it is almost out of the question to miss, but now wondering if I can do it. My mom said she would fly to my house to watch the baby, but I am more concerned about breadfeeding. I know that I can pump enough for 3 days (so I have heard) but will bottle feeding for 3 days strait make the baby not want my br___t once I am back? I am really worried and my mom is pressuring me into needing to make a decision about what to do sooner than later to buy affordable plane tickets. Not me mention how hard it will be to leave the baby!!!! HELP!


EricaLynn - February 7

Well every baby is diffrent. I was pumping exlusivley for about two weeks to give my nipples a break. (after two weeks they still have scabs, my dd is a baraccuda!) My daughter is five weeks old and we are now slowly re-introducing nursing, trying to get my nipples gradualy used to it again. I have a hard time storing exspressed milk though while nursing. She eats so much that when nursing that its hard to sneak in a pump session were I can get enough to store. If I woke up in the middle of the night I could, but who wants to do that more often then they have to! Anyway my daughter hasnt had problems switching from bottle to b___st. She had a great latch from the get go though. I would suggest using wider bottle nippels like playtex drob ins or avent bottles. Good luck


Emmie - February 7

If your mom is willing to fly to your house would she be willing to go to the wedding with you then the baby would only have to have the bottle sometimes. If your mom was willing to stay at your house she might be willing to go to the wedding and stay in the motel. Just a thought


KLT - February 13

I think you'll be fine. My son is 4 months old and is b___stfed and bottle fed (both my milk and formula). I introduced the bottle with my milk in it at about 2 months. He did fine and wasn't confused going back and forth, altho like EricaLynn said, every baby is different. And the only reason i've introduced formula is b/c my milk has slowed down. How old is your son now? How long do you have before the wedding? I leave my son with my mom during the day each week while I work and have been able to pump enough and store in the freezer so that she can feed him.. She only gives him a bottle of formula at one or two feedings tops per day. I don't think feeding your baby for three days from the bottle will make him not want your b___st. No matter what, my son finds the most comfort when getting his milk from me... We use the vent air bottles..



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