3 1 2 Months Bf Amounts And Cereal

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Petzer - July 12

Hi all. Been a while since I've been on here, but I have a question or two maybe you can help me with. I have just recently returned to work, and am pumping for my son while he is at the sitters. He is 3.5 months old and weighs about 14 lbs. I have been filling bottles with 3 to 3.5 oz of br___tmilk for him. I give the sitter 4 bottles for the day, but he is only taking 2 maybe 3 depending on what time dh picks him up. Is 3 to 3.5 oz enough? From what I have read it doesn't seem like it, but the sitter says he doesn't finish all of the first bottle, so she gives it to him at his next feeding with the second. Is this ok? Also, after much peer pressure (in laws and my own mother) I started my son on cereal at night. He took really well to it, he seems to love eating off the spoon. Is this too early? He sleeps through the night now, so that is a big plus, he's up to 8 -9 hours of sleep a night. He's a very happy baby, smiles a lot, has loads of energy, (tries to stand up all day long), he' s gaining weight, (was 6lb when born). When I started him on the rice cereal I mixed it with br___tmilk and he got constipated, so I mixed the cereal with apple juice, and it cleaned him right out. Now I am concerned with continuing the cereal because of his age, should I stop? if I don't should I continue to mix with apple juice always or just once in a while. Thank you for your help.


Petzer - July 12



BeckyM - July 12

My lactation consultant gave me a formula to use to know how many ounces to feed: take baby's weight, times 3, then divide by the # of feedings per day. So if he eats 10 times a day, based on his weight, he should eat about 4 oz. each time. That said, my 4-month-old eats differently with my mom while I'm at work than she does with my husband when we're at home at night. She rarely eats more than 8-9 oz. in the 8 hours she is there, 1-2 oz. at a time, but at night when I am running low and we need to give her a bottle, it's not unusual for her to eat 4 oz. The other night she ate over 7 oz. within a 3-hour period. So what I am getting at is your son might be eating less while you're away, then making up for it when you're home. I've heard that sometimes bf babies do that so they can spend more time with mommy nursing when they're able to. I can't offer any advice on the cereal, because we haven't introduced that yet.


Petzer - July 12

Thank you Becky.


Susan W - July 18

AAP recommends NO solids or juice until after 6 months of age. Ignore the peer pressure. Babies DO NOT need cereal that young. Starting solids early may put them at risk for allergies, obesity and diabetes. Do some reading on various websites, like AAP, WHO, La Leche League and kellymom, and come to your own conclusion as to what you want to do . . I did not do any solids until 7+ months. Didn't help my son sleep one bit, so I think you just got lucky!


fasha12 - July 21

My son is currently 3.5 months as well and I have just started him on cereal. He showed all the signs of wanting to eat and once I started him on the rice cereal he took to it very quickly. I have heard though that you should not start juice until much later and when you do it needs to be watered down. It seems that the opinion fluctuates from time to time whether solids should be started sooner or later, but having read many articles I have to think that obesity and diabetes comes from the "American diet". If the solids are helping your little one, I would stick with it. Of course if you have any concerns, check with your doctor.



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