6 Month Old And 5am Feedings

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Kristine - September 20

Hi ladies, My dd will be 6 months next week. She goes down for the night around 7:30. She wakes between 4:30 and 5am and I've always nursed her and she goes back to sleep for a couple more hours. Do you think I could feasably cut this 5am nursing out and hope she sleeps until 6 or 7? Problem is I am back at work now and it's tiring to wake at 5am, nurse her, go back to sleep and have to be up again at 6am. Let me add, she also has cereal twice a day with fruit.


hthab - September 21

I've heard a lot of people say that by 6 months, babies should be able to sleep through the entire night. I personally waited until 8.5 months (just last week) to cut out the 4 am feeding. We went through 3 nights where ds cried for 30-45 minutes. Dh went in to pop in the pacifier, but that was all we did (no bottle of water or anything). By the 4th night, ds slept in until 7am without waking. The past couple of nights, he's been waking up around 5am, but dh just popped in the paci and he went back to sleep. I made sure that ds didn't see me since I was always the food source. I was totally worried that ds was hungry, but now that we've gotten through it, I think I probably could have cut out the feeding earlier, and that he was in the habit of getting the feeding. Maybe you could try cutting out the feeding for a few nights and see how it goes? Then if you don't feel like your dd is ready, you could continue the night feedings for awhile? Let me tell you, those 3 nights of crying were agonizing, but now I feel so much more rested, I'm like a different person. Good luck to you!


Kristine - September 22

HTHAB, The past two nights I let her cry a little before I went in and I was able to stretch it to closer to 5:30. She'd wimper and seemed to fall back asleep but was crying harder towards 5:30. She never took to a pacifier, always sucks her thumb. I'm going to try what you suggest. Wish me luck!


hthab - September 22

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


Kristine - September 28

hthab, dd had her 6 month check-up today and they said she does not need those extra claories and it may just be a habit for her. She said to let her cry it out as long as I am comfortable but not to nurse her. I am hoping she will just go back to sleep. We'll see tomorrow!


Cevvin - September 30

By six months, my doctor gave me orders to cut out the night feeding. She said she wasn't even hungry just used to it. We let her cry it out, and by the 3rd night she was sleeping 10-12 hours straight.


Kristine - October 1

Well I'm not doign too well. I gave in after 10 minutes of crying the first morning. Last night she was up at 4:30! Maybe I'm not patient enough.....


hthab - October 1

Hey there! I know it's hard. That's why I didn't do it until 8.5 months. I kept telling myself that maybe he was hungry :)! That crying is not a pleasant experience. Good luck!!!



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