7 Week Old Baby Waking To Feed

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dawnrs75 - January 19

Should I wake my little guy to feed him during the day? He is so hard to get to sleep, he doesn't like his swing, etc, he always wants to be held and to nurse (just for like 30 sec to get to sleep...which is okay with me).


Steph - January 19

I don't advise to wake a baby when they are sleeping. I never did with either of my kids. :o) I figure that they are sleeping for a reason and to just let them be. They'll let ya know when they want to get up!


ssmith - January 19

I woke my dd every 3 hours to feed during the day....but didn't wake her up at night. I think it got her into a really nice routine of more "awake" time during the day and frequent feedings.....but then also got her used to sleeping for longer periods at night. She was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks!


ShellyC - January 19

I agree with ssmith. My dd was VERY hard to wake up for feedings, but her dr. said not to let her go more than 4 hours. She was also sleeping through the night by about 6-7 weeks old.


hthab - January 19

I have a 2 week old, and I've been waking him up during the day every 3 hours, and letting him sleep during the night until he wakes up, like ssmith. I was initially against forming any type of routine, but this seems to be working well. He can go 4 or 5 hours at night without waking up for a feeding, which helps us to get some sleep. In the morning, I feed him at 6am, then at 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm. He's always happy to wake up for the feedings, so I'll stick with this for now. I know that every baby is different though, so good luck to you.


jenprice - January 19

I had a baby 5 weeks premature and was instructed to wake him every 3 hours to feed him. When I last talked to a lactation consultant, I asked her how long I had to keep doing that, and she said at least until he gets to 6lbs. For a larger baby it's probably OK to let them sleep especially at night.


sahmof3 - January 19

My youngest slept through the night since birth, but was a large baby and had trouble getting back up to his birthweight, so I woke him at night to help him along. But, after he started gaining (about a month) I just woke him at regular intervals through the day, as others have said, and let him sleep all he wanted at night. I had to be on a schedule by the time he came along, because I had older ones to take to school and other activities lol.


EricaLynn - January 19

I never wake up my daughter to eat. She lets me know when she is hungrey. If he is not gaining weight you might have to concider it, but as long as he is gaining enough I would let him sleep.


Emmie - January 20

I woke my son every 2 hours during the day to nurse(only when he woke up during the night) and he was sleeping 7 hours by 7 weeks 14 hours a night by 8 weeks. The only down wide is my son is now 8.5 months and still eats every 2 hours-oh well : ).



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