8 5 Month Old Prefers Taste Of Formula

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DB - October 18

It seems my dd who is weaned prefers the taste of formula (yuck!) over my frozen bm-and I have LOTS to get through!!! Anyone else have a baby like this? She only drank 7oz of bm all day. Once I mixed my bm with formula she gulped the bottles down. It's almost insulting, LOL!! All that time pumping and she doesn't want it!!! Ha, hopefully mixing it with formula will get her to drink it. Anyone else?


jessie - October 19

Hi DB. LOL - I could have written this post. I have bottles left of frozen bm and my ds just makes a face unless it is mixed with something. I am just pumping 2 x per day now, so he is getting about one third bm and two thirds formula. He doesn't seem to notice the difference between the fresh stuff and the formula, but the frozen stuff he does not like. I don't blame him, I tasted it myself and eww. It is not rancid or anything, it just tastes really funny. We still bf a little in the early early AM. I will keep trying to give him the frozen stuff lol... all that work pumping, he darn well better drink it!!! Haha!! PS - how is your weaning coming along? Do you have a lot of engorgement (if I can ask)? I wonder how long it takes for that to go away. I went from pumping 4 x a day to 2x and my b___bs adjusted almost immediately, pretty cool.


DB - October 19

Hi jessie! How funny, we keep ending up in these similar situations!!! The weaning has gone well. I haven't pumped in about 10 days now. My left side (the big producer) has felt full and slightly uncomfortable, but not painful (I had gone 2 days without pumping and I was in pain, so I had to pump about 1oz to feel relief and I haven't pumped since). My right side is totally dry and soft. Just this morning my left side is feeling much softer. I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that I'm back on Weight Watchers, so I haven't been taking in as many calories as I used to...or esle since it's been 10 days my body has gotten the point. Emotionally, I'm feeling much better, not so guilty and not as upset. I have a feeling my bm doesn't freeze well. It does have the sour smell/taste, not rotten, but not like the fresh stuff. But, I will see if mixing it works. I REFUSE to throw all of it away!!!! Oh yeah, and time for new bras...I've shrunken to almost nothing :( I will miss the big b___bs!!!


denimb__terfly - October 20

LADIES--- your answer to extra b___stmilk is simple--- send it to a b___st milk bank. They have them all over the country and most will pick it up for free or send you the stuff to ship it to them free. It is used for premies in hospitals and other things like that. Let me find the website I found out about this from. It was a weird thing my husband and I googled while I was pregnant and was wondering if people have tried making things with b___stmilk (we were bored waiting for our little one to get here!!)


DB - October 20

denimb___terfly-that sounds like a good idea, but I drank SOOO much caffiene when I'd pump (on days I'd work), I'd feel guilty giving it to a premie!! Well, maybe it's worth it to research it huh?!?!



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