9 Month Old Breastfeed Will Not Take Formula

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Robyn - March 30

I am trying to wean my daughter, but she will not take formula, I have tried a variety of kinds, and also mixed them with br___tmilk and she actually spits it out after she takes the first couple sucks. She never had a problem taking a bottle she just refuses to take the formula. I am just ready to stop br___tfeeding. Any advice.


michelle - March 30

Formula tastes c___ppy. That said, you may want to try the "follow-up" formulas for older babies. If I recall correctly, they have a milder taste. You may also want to talk to your dr about starting on cow or soy milk instead. Try putting whatever you're giving her in a sippy or regular cup instead of a bottle. Other than that you're just going to have to be patient. Wean her slowly; she is not just losing nursing as a food but as a comfort. Be prepared to spend more time with her doing other activities as well. Good luck.


Maleficent - April 1

my opinion is to just stick it out untill she's ready for whole milk. formula is NASTY tasting stuff not to mention expencive. just a few more weeks and she's ready for cows milk.


Stephanie ~Skyes Mom~ - April 2

Trust me BREAST IS BEST! Any doctor will tell you that! You should really try and stick it out with the b___st feeding for as long as you can. Baby doesn't NEED anything but b___st milk, formula are not good, they are expensive and are way less nutritious! Face it b___st milk is so sweet and there is NO way a baby is going to want to switch! Have you tasted the formula BLAH!! May I ask why you would even consider switching baby to formula. And also soy formula are not recommended and are really not that great for baby! It should only be used if directed by a doctor!


Stacey - April 11

I am going through the same situation. My baby absolutely refuses formula, and I can't really blame her. I would like her to take a bottle once in while to give me a little freedom - but I think I may just have to wait until she can have cow's milk at 12 months. I've got a day cla__s I'm taking where I'll be away from her for about 8 hours one day, so I'm a little worried. Maybe I can convince her to have a little watered-down apple juice that day.



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