Combination Birth Control

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maddiesmom - May 4

I was put on Loestrin BCP about 3 weeks ago(it has both progesterone and estrogen). I just realized yesterday that it has dropped my supply a good bit. I skipped my pill last night, and am going to completely taking it from now on. How long will it take my supply to come back? I am nursing every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. My baby slept 6 hours last night so I didn't wake her. Sleep outweighed the benefits of getting up to pump. I think I've already noticed more fullness just this AM. I just wanted to hear from others who have experienced this. Thanks!


Susan W - May 4

I haven't personally taken combination bcp during nursing, but I did get pregnant twice while nursing (on purpose). Both times, my supply dropped significantly early in the pregnancy. But when I lost one of the pregnancies, I noticed my supply coming back up about the time the fetus died (it was some time before I actually miscarried). BCP have a much lower hormone level than an actual pregnancy and clear faster. That's why you can get pregnant if you just miss two in a row, so I would imagine it won't take long to rebuild your supply. I'd hop into bed and nurse on demand to help boost my supply now, and I'd never let the doctor prescribe a combo while nursing again :) I do not understand why doctors prescribe these drugs for nursing moms. Progestin based bc is much easier on the supply. I couldn't take progestins though, so we relied on natural family planning, which has worked for us for years now. Meanwhile, if you weren't cycling before, stopping the pill could make your body think it was pregnant and now not and ovulate soon, so if you aren't ready for another pregnancy, use caution :). Nice of your baby to sleep 6 hours last night!


mom42 - May 4

I started a combo pill at 6weeks. The dr warned that if the milk dropped off to stop taking the pill immediately and come in to get a shot(?) to boost milk. My milk did drop off, but I was way overprodcing anyway, so it wasn't a problem. Baby is 9 months today and still fully nursing.


maddiesmom - May 5

Thanks! I'm trying not to stress out about it, but it's really hard not to. Your responses have made me feel better! :-)



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