Is Anyone Exclusively PUMPING

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socalmom - October 9

I have been exclusively pumping for 6 weeks now, I only pumped with my dd and made it 3 months. I was wondering if anyone else exclusively pumped and how long they made it?


DB - October 9

I nursed for 7 months, then pretty much exclusively pumped this past month (now I'm working on cutting it all out)...I dont' know how you do it!!! I mean I've been pumping at work for 5.5 months, 5 days per week, but man, what a pain in the b___t! Good for you for doing is best...but I don't think I could exclusively pump for long if I had problems nursing....nursing is so much easier in my opinion :) haha, less dishes!


spamanda - October 9

I don't know how you do it either, I always found pumping to be such a pain. That being said, one of my friends exclusively pumped and she made it to 6 mos... but she supplemented with formula the whole time. Everything I read says that no matter how good the pump, an actual baby sucking produces much more milk. Good for you making the extra effort to give your child b___stmilk. ~spam


pregnant76 - October 10

I've been exclusively pumping since the very beginning. We had latching issues and I found myself having to pump everytime after I nursed since I had an oversupply as well. We're going on to 3.5 months now and not sure if I am going to stop at 6 or at 9 months yet. It was painful in the beginning when I was pumping about 7 times a day but now I pump a total of 4 times a day and it's enough to feed her around the clock. I was supplementing with formula for a while but I don't need to anymore. Good luck!


socalmom - October 10

Thanks ladies...I hoping to make it to 6 months, but it is hard! I have a good supply in the deep freezer and I have not had to supplement with formula yet. My dilemma is if I should return the rented hospital pump and use my PIS. The hospital pump cost about $60 a month, I would save money if I used my own pump but I'm not sure if the PIS can keep my supply up? I pump every 3 hours during the day and once during the night. Both my kids were in the NICU and were bottle feed at the hospital so they have problems taking the b___b (and I have flat nipples, and I HATE the nipple shield) So I stuck with the bottle, but I really want to give b___st milk for as long as I can.


amb5879 - October 10

I have ONLY pumped from the beginning. We tried bfing for a couple days but when my ds is hungry he wants to eat NOW! I pump every two to three hours EVERY day, it gets boring that's for sure but b___stmilk is best so that's why I have been sticking to eat plus it's free! :-) My ds is almost 15 weeks now. We had to buy another freezer for all of the milk, I am a month ahead of him! Good luck!


docbytch - October 15

socalmom: the PIS is GREAT. My nipples are hard for latching on as well and the nipple shield is awful!! My kiddo gets his nose stuck on the shield so I either pump with the PIS, see if he can take the b___b (sometimes it works...but only after I have pumped some of my engorgement away), or supplement with formula. He is only 6 days old but so far I am able to pump out 4-6 oz at a sitting


MelissaK - October 15

I have low milk production and am pumping until the well runs dry. What a pain though!


cindi - October 22

I pumped exclusively for 13 can do it! Good Luck:)


socalmom - October 25 13 months that is awesome, you give me hope. Did you use a hospital grade pump? I'm going to try to do this as long as I can!!!



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