Is My Flow Too Fast

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amylove0701 - May 28

I had my first baby may 19th!!! He has been doing great with br___t only concern is while feeding now he is getting choked/ starts coughing...i think my flow is too that possible...,.? how can i fix it???


Kiersten - May 28

Congratulations on the birth of your son and success with b___stfeeding! That could very well be the issue...too fast let down for him. I personally found that changing nursing positions helped with that (lying down or elevating more) but have known friends who would always pump a bit first to get things going and relieve some of the pressure so they weren't spraying all over the place. It's all very new for him and you. When did your milk come in? Things should stabilize soon and your body will regulate itself as to how much to make, so that will help things too. I would try nursing him in different positions (elevated football hold, cross arm, cradle, lying down...) and try to find something that works for you both. You sound like you're doing great though! Did you have a good delivery? Enjoy the season of motherhood. It is such a joy!


cynnababy - May 29

Yes, it's called hyperactive letdown. I have that problem too. Does it happen only when your b___st are every full? Or it happened all the time? The LC told me to try other position such as side laying and football hold.


amylove0701 - May 29

kiersten....thanks it doesnt do all the time... mainly at night... he tends to sleep pretty good 4 - 4 1/2 hours....which is good for rest but i guess not if b___st feeding....i will try more positions...thanks for your advice...i had a great deleivery...i went to the hospital thinking my fluid was leaking... i wasnt but i was having contractions... enough to keep me in the hospital... i onlt pushed for 20 mins and he was here...!!! it was amazing!!! Cynnababy...thanks for your advice too....



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