Newborn How Long Between Feedings

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vanja10 - March 6

my ds is 4 days old and right now he's sleeping and hasn't eaten in past 4 hours.. should i try to wake him up and feed him (my milk just came in and my br___ts are killing me, i even had to express some milk to reduce the pain) or just let him sleep and then nurse? I fed him at 6 pm, he slept for an hour, stayed awake for another, gave him a bath at 8 pm.. tried to nurse around 8:30 pm, he fell asleep right away, just fell off the br___ts.. so i've let him sleep.. now it's almost 11:30 and he's still sleeping.. i'm not quite sure if i should wake him up or just let him sleep... thanks for any input.


kellens mom - March 6

You will hear a good deal of variation on this topic. I was told at the hospital to wake her every 3.5 to 4 hrs for the first 3 weeks to make sure that she is getting enough. Lathargy from a lack of nutrition can often be perceived as sleepiness. I chose to error on the side of caution. To wake her, we would simply change her diaper or remove layer after layer until she slowly became uncomfortably cool. After a few weeks when we had a better routine and I knew that she was growing well (dr. appointments), then I started to leave her for 30 minutes longer. Not long after that, the little stinker stopped wanting to sleep! Best of luck with you little boy! Congrats!


kellens mom - March 6

Also, don't forget that you can take ibuprophen or tylenol for engorgement pain. Expression works great in combination with using a warm rag before expressing to improve your let-down followed by a frozen washcloth. I put a hot washcloth in a small ziplock and use it as a hot compress. When I am done, I turn around an put it directly into the freezer. Fold the wash cloth in quarters so it fit perfectly in the bag. If the wash cloth is super wet before you freeze it, it will be hard as a rock and will not mold around your b___st. If the rag is too dry, it will not stay cold as long. The ziplock allows you to tuck everything in your bra so you dont have to hold anything or get wet. Try not to pump until you are dry because that will stimulate more milk production. Also, now is a great time to start a freezer stock pile. In a few days things will get back to normal and milk will significantly decrease.


Kristin72 - March 6

Yes, wake your baby to feed. Try to feed atleast 10-12 feedings in a day. That includes night every 2 hours or so. If baby falls asleep switch b___sts, burp her, tickle her toes, strip him/her down to a diaper, change the diaper.. It is important to keep your feedings up. A sleeping baby does not indicate a satisfied baby. Sometimes a lethargic baby has no energy to feed and should be fed more often. Also, look for 8-10 wet and poopie diapers.


DB - March 6

My dd falls asleep still (she's 5 weeks old)...I rub her back down her spine and that wakes her up. Also gently pull on the ear or tap the nose, or I tickle her feet and toes and some combination of those things seems to work!! My MIL told me "I never woke up my boys and they slept thru the night by the time they were 3 days old..." blah blah blah!! Trust your instincts too. I'm not comfortable when my dd sleeps longer than 4 hours during the day (at night she goes up to 5 hours).


vanja10 - March 8

thank you girls! i never thought b___stfeeding will be this hard! well the beginning stages.. i've tried the cod washcloth and it's working awesome. The pain is much less. funny enough my hubby told me about the hot washcloth today to help w/ my milk. Guess there is an advantage with him having 12 siblings, he knows so much... :)


tryingx3 - March 8

vanja10 - I never knew how hard it could be either but I am SOOO GLAD I did it and it is working for us. :-) Best wishes.


vanja10 - March 9

tryingx3 - as each day pa__ses by, i'm finding it easer and easier.. Even when he wants to feed every hour sometimes, i think my nipples are started to get harder.. lol.. i can't believe he's 1 week old today.. how old is urs?



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