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Ruby - February 24

This is regarding a previous question I posted about tooth decay. I was wondering if any mothers had dental problems with their infants. by NO means was I blameing "the br___t". Nusing mothers who cosleep are more likely to nurse throughout the night ,that was the only reason I posted my question on the BFing board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am aware of how to wipe or brush my childs teeth that wasn't the issue. Please if you want to be helpful pick a different topic. I was searching out EXPERIENCED info Thanks


Mommy_to_be - February 25

I wasn't saying you were blaming the b___st you's called sarcasm...I posted that weeks ago...did you randomly get a bout of pms you needed to take out on a random forum poster? I pa__sed on information that my pediatrician told me when I discussed that question unless you know better than a pediatrician...shut up. or not, I don't know ANYONE who is exclusively b___stfeeding and doesn't feed at least once during the night. So if you're looking to be a out a EXPERIENCED drama queen to pick fights with. Thanks for providing my first highschool drama on this forum.


kellens mom - February 26

Mommy_to_be - Sorry you were bashed. I think it was completely unnecessary and juvenile. Keep your chin up and don't take it personally. Some people are just born exuding bad karma.


Ruby - February 26

Whoaa , Thats funny I didn't expect that one!! I think you might be the drama Queen. I was simply stateing that your reply really had nothing to do with the question and that your "sarcasm" wasn't necessary . Don't thank ME for high school drama , sounds like your bringing it just fine.I brought up the cosleeping only because no matter what YOU might think BF/cosleeping brings on alot more nursing throughout the night wich in turn causes tooth decay from sleeping with milk in the babys mouth.


Mommy_to_be - February 26

Thank you Kellens mom...I've been coming to this site for almost a year now (since I found out I was pregnant) and have never been a target of drama. I think most people would say I've never posted opinion, just my honest experiences and knowledge about subjects. Ruby - you posted a WHOLE TOPIC trying to seek out drama with me. If you didn't want to accept my knowledge (what I was told from the pediatrician) than don't pay any mind to it, don't make another posting about not liking my response. Get a life and spend the time you use posting trash like this with your child. I'm done with this post and will not bother looking at it again. Take care.



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