A Couple Of Questions

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Christy - December 30

1.) I get weird sensations when I bf. Sometimes my armpits itch and tingle, other times it feels like milk is leaking down the side if my br___t, but it isn't. Has anyone else experienced this? I presume it is some kind of referred sensory thing from bf, but don't really know. 2.) Three days ago and today Ben has slept a lot and fed less frequently. He only had 7 feedings three days ago and only 5 so far today (it is 7:30 PM.) I am pretty sure we'll get in 7 by midnight. He was up a lot and fed a lot yesterday and the day before yesterday b/c he was sick . Should I be worried that he's fed less than 8x on these two occassions or not? Thanks.


Christy - December 30

BTW- he will be 8 weeks old on Monday.


Dawn C - December 30

My lil guy is 11 wks. I dont keep up with how many feedings we have. At night he only gets up once. During the day we may eat every hour or 3-4 hours. It varies. As long as baby is growing and gaining weight, I would not worry about it. Sometimes he will nurse for 10min other times he will go 20-30. As for weird feelings sometimes I have the same thing. Today they have been sore and nipples hurt. But when he latches on, it doesnt. WEIRD I KNOW


Dee - December 30

Sounds normal. Just be sure that you are positioning tummy to tummy to avoid sore nipples. Relax and enjoy.


April - December 31

I think everyone feels let down differently. As long as baby's having enough wet diapers I wouldn't be worried about it.


Shannon - January 1

sometimes when isabelle nurses i get a tingly feeling too, mostly near my armpit area. it's so weird. i also get a painful tingly feeling if i haven't nursed her in a while. i'll just be sitting there and bam! tingly pain and full feeling. sometimes i think milk is leaking down my b___st while she nursing but most of the time it's her fingers tickling me. yeah, i wouldn't worry too much about the feeding less.


Jamie - January 1

He may be getting more per session, and so doesn't need as many sessions. Just a part of growing up.


Christy - January 1

Jamie- I hope you're right, but he's a feeding monster today! He keeps eating and eating and eating. I don't think it's a growth spurt, but who knows, maybe it is. I finally got him to take a nap by way of swing after being up for 8 hours straight. I hope he stays asleep for a few hours- lol! BTW- thanks for the responses and happy new year!



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