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EricaLynn - January 20

My br___ts always hurt SOOO bad after my baby nurses. I was trying to exclusevly pump because I really hate nursing my daughter. But I feel like Im not producing enough for her so I am pumping and put her back to the br___t this weekend. I just had a few questions... 1- Why does my whole br___t hurt after nursing? Not only do my nipples hurt like h__l, but after nursing my entire br___t hurts! 2- are some babies simply unsatisfiable with just br___t milk? My daughter eats all day long! She will eat a bottle (3-4 oz) of br___t milk, half an hour later nurse for 45 minutes, and then 20 minutes later want to eat more, usually another bottle of br___t milk. OMG WHAT DO I DO!!! 3- is there any way to increase my milk supply without nursing her? I pump every hour and a half to three hours during the day and then again whenever she wakes me up at night. But I feel like my milk supply is going down, or her appet_te is going up.... which is the only reason I put her back to the br___t. I really dont like bf her directly from the br___t. 4- does anyone supplement with formula? How does that work and what kinds of formula are good for supplementing? And how old does she need to be before I do the ol' rice cereal in the bottle trick? *Thank you so much for reading this I hope someone has a little advice for me. My daughter honestly wants to do nothing ever but eat and it is getting very frustrating. She is thriving well obviously but is driving me crazy with the eating all the time.


eclipse - January 21

How old is your daughter? I have had technical difficulties with my son with nursing from the beginning, he is a little barracuda and I had cracked, bleeding nipples, latching problems, it hurt like hell, he was never satisfied, etc. He also can eat like a horse and wasn't getting enough, so here is what I did. I will probably get my b___t kicked for this, but whatever. I would b___stfeed him in the morning when I was really full. It was the only time he would be satisfied when b___stfeeding on me. The rest of the day I would either attempt to b___stfeed or would pump and give him bottles of b___stmilk and supplement with formula if he wanted more. I would lose my b___stmilk supply if I wasn't hydrated (hard for me to remember to do) or eating enough. Or if I didn't get some sleep, at least 2 hours somewhere during the day straight. As for the formula, I use the Enfamil Gentlease because my ds had problems with ga__siness and fussiness because of other kinds, but this one is great. My ds actually does get the rice cereal in the bottle thing because he is huge and eats a lot for his age and my ped suggested it because there is no way I can keep up with his demand. I started it when he was about 7 weeks old. It also helps him go longer between feedings (it was as frequent as you!) and he can sleep through the night finally (well, sort of, 5 hours but I will take it!) I feel for you and hopefully this will be helpful, at least a little bit. :)


SuzieQ - January 21

My dd ate as much as yours, too. Sometimes she would want to suck for up to 2 hours - sigh....I used Lansinoh on my nipples, so they didn't get cracked thankfully. I would give it another week if you can tough it out to see if your milk supply bumps up a notch. It sounds like your baby is still a newborn, and from what I've heard - they like to nurse around the clock for the first 8 weeks. If you can handle that, then I wouldn't worry about supplementing, but it's up to you of course! I had to supplement for the first week using similac, but then took her off of it as I wanted her to be bf exclusively if possible. Good luck!


EricaLynn - January 21

My daughter is only three weeks old, but my nipples arent getting any less sore. They are just going downhill (if thats possible). I know she is still so young but I really hate nursing her. It brings me to tears everytime and makes me feel like I dont like her. And she will actually get satisfied if I pump and feed her from a bottle. I pump all the time and hopefully that will keep my supply up. I dont want to supplement her but if it comes down to that some b___st milk is better than none right? Ill be happy when she is a little older and can have some rice cereal in the bottle. As for the lanolin I have tried it, perscription nipple cream too but nothing helped. She is a chomper and a definite baraccuda as eclipse said. Hopefully I can keep up with her, thanks ladies so much for the advice!



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