Able To Breast Feed

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April - September 15

I have wanted to br___t feed. My bestfriends sister just had a baby and cannot get her to br___t feed... so shes not. I really want to br___t feed and am afraid I wont be able to. I am experiencing the same pregnancy my mother had with me. With the sickness in the time of day.. the weight gain... the foods I crave and cant eat, she couldnt with me.... She br___t fed fine with me and my brother.. will my chances be better? I saw how hard it is to get a baby to drink from a bottle when only a couple hours old, it took forever!


Ash - September 18

The baby will eat when they are hungry, unless they are sick. It is MUCH harder for the Mother to want to go through the pain of her milk coming in, than it is for the baby to want to eat from you. And it doesn't hurt so much bc it is PAINful, but bc they are SO tender, and here is this baby trying to learn how to eat outside of your womb at the same time. I didn't know what i was doing, so it took me almost THREE months of feeling pain or discomfort until I finally got it right, but that was my fault bc I didn't hold my son correctly. If you need any support with this, post again, but I wish you the best of luck! Ash


April - September 18

Thanks so much. I jsut saw my friend try once... and shw wouldnt take it... she had to try forever witht hebottle.. I amjust afraid the same thing will happen to me! I heard that it can be tough and very frusterating... but I am determined. I heard its much healthier and hey, thats what its there for right!??!!?


Ash - September 19

LOL.. spoken like a true prophet! The SOUL reason they are there to get in out way and distract our men! As long as you hold the baby right, and you are producing enough milk, there should be NO problem, other than the two of you getting use to each other. However, if it happens that you do not produce enough milk, there is a safe pill you can take (Rx) that will cause your body to make more milk. Ash


Sarah - September 21

April, there are some great books our there that clearly explain the basics to you. I used the book, Bestfeeding (not a typo), which helped a great deal. Read it before you give birth and practice on a doll by yourself to give your some confidence. You woun't learn enough in the hospital to do it correctly once you are out. If you have the latch right, you won't feel any pain, even at the start. If the pain starts, detach the latch and start again. But, get the book now - best $15 I spent. I referred to it frequently even months afterwards. Breastfeeding will help your baby grow better, and smarter, since it contains essential fatty acids not found in formula, will help you stop bleeding sooner, since your uterus contracts when you brestfeed, and will help you lose some of the pregnancy weight with great ease. Have fun!


rowanda - September 23

if my chil,d is bitting my t_t is that abnormal? should i not let him


Sarah - September 24

Rownana, How old is your child? They may be teething. I would give my baby about 1/4 dose of tylenol when she was teething to dull the pain and the biting stopped. If the baby is older and refuses to nurse, but only chomps, they are basically finished nursing and are trying to tell you this.


answer - October 7

April, I think you'll have no problems. I know that if a mother thinks she'll have problems, she gets nervous and the baby feels it and acts anxiously too when trying to drink. Maybe advise your friend that she needs to change her perception of b___stfeeding, which she can do by reading up on the topic. I agree with Sarah that the key is getting a good book or speaking with a lactation consultant and informing yourself on proper latch on, etc. I also agree that b___stfeeding is really beneficial to the mother and the baby! So don't worry, I'm sure you'll do just fine!


Liz - November 3

Everyone, except for very very rare cases, can b___stfeed and produce milk. It is what our body naturally is able to do. The only reason why someone isn't producing milk is usually because the baby isn't sucking enough or correctly on the b___st. When you get to the hospital meet up with the lactation consultant, which every hospital has, and they will tell you the ABC's about nursing. The more the baby sucks, the more milk will be produced. If the baby doesn't suck, is busy sucking on a bottle or is sucking (latching on) wrong the b___st won't make enough milk. Good Luck..Breast is Best!!


Nikki - January 6

Breastfeeding is possible for everyone, but not so easy for everyone. Even if you are having trouble in the beginning it doesn't mean that you can't b___stfeed. It is very important to have a docotr or Lactation Consultant that supports you and can give you the help and advice you need. This can make all the difference between just having a rocky start and not b___stfeeding at all. It is a good thing that your mother b___stfed you, she will probably be able to help you alot getting started. Even though b___stfeeding is natural, it is something that you have to learn to do properly and it's not always easy. But it is always worth it! Good luck!


jess - January 24

I'm 16 and just found out im nearly 3 months predgent ,when do I start producing milk


KrYstaL - January 24

don't worry it'll be there when you need it. it is different for everyone.



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