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JJ5235 - April 8

I have a 2 week and 3 day old son who is br___tfed. I can not just lay him down in his crib to go asleep instead he wants to nurse which is fine but then he stops nursing for a good period of time and I will pull him off my nipple and he starts crying until he is wide awake. I just dont understand this or what to do right now. When he is awake he only wants to be on my br___t even if he is not feeding and if he is not he throws a temper tantrum. I do not like to see him cry so I end up puting him back on the br___t. He will not take a pacifier after I pull him from the br___t and i feel like this is creating a horrible habit. What do I do??? My pediatrician says to let him Cry it out but everthing I read says not to do that to a newborn. Any advice would be greatly appreciative!


zaks - April 9

maybe he is looking for comfort i have 2 boys and just had a girl 2 weeks ago and both my boys did that but they did grow out of it as for crying it out its not too bad as long as they are safe it gives you a break which i am sure is much needed good luck


Susan W - April 9

You are NOT creating a horrible habit. Your baby is only doing what instinct is telling him to do. Do not let him cry it out (I changed pediatricians when one gave me that advice). I found letting my baby cry stressed me out even more, even if I couldn't hear him. I think it's a horrible way to treat another human being. He just wants to be with his mommy, with whom he feels safe. Have you learned how to nurse laying down? If so, go to bed and just let him be. You can also slowly ease him off the nipple with your finger and hold his chin (see "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for specifics) and that may help him sleep through you removing him; that said, mine would let me take him off sometimes (when he was older than yours) but would not sleep through me putting him down! It does get better. I promise. Meanwhile, get someone else to hold the baby sometimes so you can take a shower or a nap.



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