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klm - October 14

I haven'd had my baby yet but I know that I will only be able to take 6 weeks off and I really want to br___tfeed. I'm concerned about the amount I'll be able to pump at work, what kind of pumps do people suggest for the working mom? Is it hard to feed both br___t milk and formula?


mom42 - October 14

I used with my first, and plan to use with my second, a hand-held manual pump. I guess I'm just lucky because it has always worked fine for me. Right now, I have a Medela Harmony pump I got free from the hospital (had to ask for it, though). They are about $30 in the store. I usually pumped twice a day and fed my baby over my lunch hour (her day care was across the street). Once my pumping didn't cover all her eating (amd when she was having cereal), they would supplement with formula at school and I would feed her whenever we were at home. Over the first year, the feedings got fewer, until we stopped nursing around 11 months. I just figured the more b___stmilk she could get, the better, but didn't stress that she was taking formula for some feedings. In your case, I would start pumping and saving once you have her, to get your body used to pumping and to save up some milk. I found the best time to start pumping was during the morning engorgment. Once baby sleeps for more than 3 hours, I would get engorged and would pump then. I have quite a stockpile of milk saved. Too bad baby refuses to take a bottle yet!!! Well, that's another story...


KLM - October 14

I had registered for a manual pump, but everything I've read said that the automatic pumps are quick and easy, just expensive. I work long days and will need to pump several times a day and not sure of what I read was accurate. How long did it take to pump 3 - 4 oz with the manual?


Jamie - October 14

During the morning engorgement, I pump 8 oz in 20 min per b___st; so about 40 min total with my Avent Isis manual.


HEATHER - October 14



C - October 15

I have a Madela Pump In Style. It's good but it still takes 20 minutes for the milk to stop flowing. I get about 4 oz. per b___st. I work at a very small company and they are very nice about me taking two 20 minute breaks per day. If I worked for a stricked company, I'd probably just pump on my lunch hour. You really need to supplement with formula if you are going back to work. Or at least be open to it. I had a couple times where I forgot the milk or left it out and had to throw it away. What would I have done on those days w/o formula? I use Nestle Good Start and my son is just fine. I try to give him mostly b___st milk. He probably only gets 4-8 oz. of formula a day if any at all.


Sindel - October 15

I bought the first years single or dual electric b___st pump from walmart for 50bucks. I would definitely recommend it over the manual pumps. I had the gerber manual pump and it was 40 dollars. It worked but it took longer and gave me sore hands from pumping for so long. With the electric one I get about 3-4oz per side in about 10 minutes and it was only 10 dollars more. It also comes with a black travel case and u can use batteries with it too. I stay at home but my baby wouldnt latch on so I've been pumping and using bottles since he was born. Which was about 3 weeks ago. This pump works great and has kept my supply up. I also pump everytime he has a bottle every couple hours. Hope this helps.


mom42 - October 17

I usually take abour 10-20 mins to pump both sides with the manual. You could get a free manual pump from the hospital and try it, then move to an electric if you need it.


April - October 23

klm - Are you in the U.S.? I'm in Canada and we get a year maternity leave. Do you only get six weeks?


klm - November 3

Yes, US and only been at my current job a year so the short term disability sucks, 2 weeks at 100% pay, then 2 at 75% then the last 2 at 50%. I'm just going to feed for as long as I can and pump as much as I can, if we have to supplement with formula we can, hopefully he'll be ok with it because it would make things less stressful for me.


Heidi - November 3

I bought a Medela In Style pump used at a children's exchange store for $80 and it works great. I rented a pump from the hospital for a few weeks, actually it was free the first month, and I got to keep all the stuff that came with it when I returned the pump so I have extra containers and stuff for it. Does anyone have problems with their babies supplementing formula during the day? My daycare lady said I might have to just use formula when she's there during the day if I can't keep my milk up. Will she willingly drink this do you think or will it cause any kind of confusion?


Jamie - November 4

Heidi, some babies take formula just fine. Mine won't touch it, and screams bloody murder if she thinks you're gonna try and con her into eating anything but mom's milk.


C - November 4

Heidi, My son started day care at 6 weeks. I pump what I can and the rest is from formula. There were days that I forgot his pumped milk and without supplementing with formula, I'm not sure what I'd do. I try to give him mostly b___stmilk but I'm so glad he'll take formula too. I use Good Start formula.



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