Affraid Wont Have Enough Milk Pumping

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keziah - January 13

hey, ladies. does anyone know or have experienced not being able to pump enough br___tmilk. i'm trying to pump to build up my supply... so i will have enough milk so when i return to work, but i can only get a total of about 2oz a day on top of nursing my lo... i'm affraid i will not be able to pump enough for him and i fear that i will have to resort to formula. please help me!!!!!


oncemore - January 13

Sorry I dont have any personal experience other than knowing that pumping DID increase my already high volume of milk supply... BUT... my niece really had issues with a low milk supply and she had some good luck with taking a tea every day called "Mother's milk", I think is what it was called. (she got hers at a GNC, but you can find it at any whole foods store, or herbal shop)... she also pumped and soon with the combo of things she did, she is having no problems. I went back to work with my first child when he was 2 months old, and I remember pumping FIRST and then letting him eat, because the lactation nurse told me that the baby can get out WAY more than any pump can get out... so even if you think you do not have much milk, they are still getting some. I would pump an hour before I would feed him, and then did that routine for a while to build up my supply and it worked for me. Just make sure your little one is getting enough wet and poopy diapers and you will know he is getting enough. At first, you wont pump much, but as his needs increase, so will your supply. Also, drink plenty of water!!! I cant stress that enough! Also, try to be in a calm environment when nursing or pumping and take some calming breaths to relax... relaxing will help your milk supply be better. Good luck!


DaBonkElsMe - January 14

So I have had a similar problem. I pump about 2oz per session now, but at first i was lucky to get an ounce a day! Now if I pump 3 times a day i have about 6 to 8 ounces stored. My baby is 5 and a half weeks old, and i have beefed it up by pumping more often and letting him nurse longer. He nurses now for nearly 20 minutes per b___st. I try to pump between nursing, but sometimes he want to nurse every half hour, which mean I cannot pump, unless I give him a b___stmilk bottle in between nursing. One thing I have found, I pump out more in the mornings, and during the night. It's a real ha__sle, but if i get up between his night time feedings and pump, I get more. Since I have been pumping and nursing more, I seem to be getting more. Also, get a good pump. I had the one that barely felt like it was sucking, and now i have the Madela Advanced, and it works MUCH better! Hope that helps.


DaBonkElsMe - January 14

Oh yea, and as oncemore said, drink LOTS of water, this made a difference with me too! good luck


redmondsky - January 16

I am the queen of pumping. For our first I exclusively pumped. For our second we are b___stfeeding and pumping. We rent a hospital grade pump - it really works well - although not portable it really gets the milk out. I also take fenugreek (1 tab am and 1 tab pm) and although they say it does not make a difference: I eat one yummy bowl of oatmeal every day. Every time I b___stfeed or pump - I drink a full gla__s of water. It's an easy way to remember to get your 8-10 gla__ses a day. Sounds silly but when I pump I take deep breathes at the start to help with the let down. After b___stfeeding - I also do a quick pump and ma__sage my b___sts (very gently) while I pump. Not sure if any of these tips will help - good luck !


keziah - January 17

redmondsky thanks for your input , i just went out and bought fenugreek and just started takeing it yesterday and have not noticed anything yet. how long before if any did you notice an increase in milk after taking the fenugreek, I pump just 2oz a day and the days i pump it seems like my lo is hungry and nothing comes out cause he will just start pulling at the b___st and crying after just a few minutes of nursing and it didn't start until i started pumping a week ago, but i only pump twice a day. i just don't want to resort to formula, i want to make this work. thanks


redmondsky - January 19

It took about 4 days for the fenugreek to kick in with me - you can also take blessed thistle - along with the fenugreek. They seem to work well together (from what one of my friends told me). If they don't work - you can go to your doctor - I can't remember what it is but you can take a script to Jack newman - he is the guru of b___stfeeding etc...he has a whole section on his website about stuff you can take to help build your milk supply. One of the most important things is to not miss pumping/b___stfeeding sessions. You b___bs need to get the signal that you need to keep making milk and lot's of it. The only way they know is supply/demand. What kind of pump are you using? If you can afford it - maybe rent a hosptial grade pump for a month and see if that helps!


keziah - January 20

i'm using a ameda double pump. i can pump about an oz or 2 but then like an hour or two later lo wants to eat and then he just pulls at the b___st and gets fussy as if nothing is in there, but if i skip a day he is fine, i just don't want him hungry. i haven't noticed any diff yet with the fenugreek but its only been 3 days i keep taking it, how much did you take a day?


redmondsky - January 20

My lactation consultant said you know you are taking enough fenugreek when you smell it on yourself (armpits, palm of hands) understanding is that it is 3 max a day. I would go to your doctor - seriously - go to the jack newman website. There are script drugs you can take to help increase supply.



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