Airplane And Breastfeeding

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Olivene - June 17

Hi. I will be flying internationally when our baby is about 2 or 3 months old. The flight will be 13-14 hours. Baby isn't born yet, but I'm planning to br___tfeed exclusively (a pumped bottle now and then, I guess). I will nurse on demand during the flight, but I have read that it is better for baby to be suckling during landing to prevent ear pain. I don't want to take her out of her safety seat as the off and landing are statistically the most dangerous parts. I might be able to pump during the flight and give that to her or maybe a frozen bottle will keep that long? I'm just not sure how to plan it. Any experienced nursers out there with suggestions?


Olivene - June 17

** the TAKE OFF and landing...


JJ5235 - June 17

Check with your airline but they usually let kids up to age two sit in the parents lap, so I wouldnt see why you could b___stfeed at that time also. I know that take off and landing are the most dangerous and this is horrible to say but if the plane crashes then the baby wont be much safer if any in the car seat. Also did you think about using a pacifier during those times? Yes a frozen bottle that has been thawed is good for up to 24 hours in the fridge so that could work to. You also may think about pumping on or before you get on the plane and use that milk which is good for 8 hours at room temp. Wow that is a long flight for a 2-3 month old but you can do it!! I couldnt imagine trying to take my 3 month old on a flight of that duration because I think the others would be some p__sed off people by the end of the flight. Good luck.


olivia - June 17

I had my dd sit on my lap and nursed her for takeoff and landing. She did really well on the plane at about 6 months. Pumping on the plane is difficult (if you are alone). I had flown alone with my dd and the changing table over the bathroom is pretty tight. I can't imagine pumping in there. But the bottle should last if it is fresh b___stmilk. Frozen milk I don't think lasts as long when it is thawed. The hum of the plane seems to calm babies so most babies do pretty well. If you have a seat for the baby hopefully he/she will sleep most of the flight. Good luck!


Olivene - June 18

Thanks, Ladies. My husband will be with me. We are moving back to the U.S. I would really prefer not to use a pacifier. I know that I cam alllowed to hold her on my lap, but I'd rather have her in the safety seat in case it is a more minor crash-if there is such a thing. I have read on the airlines' sites that lap-held babies are the least likely to survive a crash-even when some pa__sengers do. Perhaps I'm paranoid, but I'd rather not worry. I guess if I pump part-way through the trip and save it for the landing, we should be fine.


Susan W - June 18

I used a medicine dropper to feed my 5 month old plain water during takeoff and landing to relieve ear pressure and didn't have a problem. He was in his own seat -- I could not imagine holding a squirmy baby for an entire flight, and the safety was an issue for me (why someone can hold a baby on their lap on a plane traveling 450 mph but not in a car going 60 mph does not make sense) I did take him out of the carseat to nurse, and I warned anyone sitting next to me (it was a 3000 mile flight) I was a nursing mom and they might get kicked! On one leg, I actually had the whole row to myself! It was actually pretty easy to nurse -- I simply covered us up in a sling and nursed. Everyone else is busy eating, sleeping, or reading, and we are all facing the same direction, so privacy was easy to come by . . I took a whole bunch of toys, but that may not be an option for a 2-3 month old baby. My guy was active and aware, and switching toys every 30 minutes helped a lot! I also was sure to sit bulkhead so there was room to change him on the floor instead of that stupid table in the lavatory. Good luck!


Jamie - June 19

I flew from Germany to the midwest US with my then-6 month old daughter. I nursed during the take-off, but she was asleep for the landing so I didn't wake her, and it didn't seem to bother her. Same on the return flight, she slept for both the take-off and landing, so I let her sleep. One thing you can do is gently tug on her earlobes during take-off and landing. I dont' know why it works, I just know that it does - it's what I do to myself to adjust to pressurization, since I have a really hard time with the different pressure at high alt_tudes.


cab - June 20

If you can reach them in their seat offer a clean finger. The maternity wards do this often to calm babies after needles.. I have travelled with my exclusively b___stfed 5 week old baby with no problem.


LisaB - June 20

First of all, I am so happy to hear you want to keep your lo in the car seat for take off/ landing. SMART!! Anyway I flew w/ ds at two months & four months and he was fine for both. I gave him a paci to play with (he doesn't get one otherwise)and he was fine. Just make sure lo isn't sick and youu should be fine.


Olivene - June 21

Thanks! You are very creative ladies! I never thought about the dropper or the finger, and the ear lobes thing- I'd never have thought of that. I don't want her to have a pacifier all the time, but it might be a worthwhile investment for the flight. Anyone have trouble with nipple confusion after just a few hours of pacifier use? Thanks, again.


cab - June 21

i would be surprised of nipple confusion in a 2-3 month exclusively bf baby. the pacifier would be o.k for landing and take off.


Susan W - June 21

At this point, your baby may not take a pacifier if you've never used one before. You could try it though. I doubt it would cause nipple confusion at this point -- usually that only happens in the first few weeks when people introduce it and/or a bottle too soon and the baby figures out those are easier to suck on than Mom.



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