Alcohol And Breastfeeding

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name - October 12

I want to br___tfeed because of the many benefits to mom and baby.But I also want to get back to normal as soon as possible. I want to be able to drink on christmas eve and new years.. I was wondering..while br___tfeeding..could you store about 3-4 days worth of expressed milk in bottles.. drink one night..and then just get rid of your milk for the next couple of days and give the baby the bottles you had stored till all the alcohol is out of your system?? this is not a ? I want to ask the doctor lol


lysh - October 18

i had the same question and found the answer on this web site in the informational part look under pregnancy topics...b___stfeeding and when it talks about alcohol click on the link it will give you the info you are looking for


moe - November 1

yes! you can do that thats what I did while b___stfeeding. If your planning on getting plastered then you will need to store it like you said but if your going to just have a couple of drinks then you shouldn;t have to store it..


Nikki - January 6

Even if you find this physically possible to pump enough milk for your baby to feed during your binge, how do you think your baby is going to handle losing the comfort of the b___st for a few days? Babies are not much aware that the b___st milk nourishing them, they only know that it is comforting them. If you deny your child that comfort so that you can binge on alcohol, you will have a very unhappy baby on your hands. Do you honestly think that it's okay to toy with your child this way?


MOE - January 7



Zina - January 16

I also disagree with Nikki. A child can find just as much comfort in the arms of a father with a nice pre-pumped bottle. Go have fun.


Steph - February 19

I disagree with Nikki. Some children can't be b___stfed at all, like those born with cleft palate. I b___stfeed, but my husband also enjoys feeding our son when I pump milk. I find that my son is just as happy taking a bottle from daddy, who talks with him, strokes his face and interacts with him while feeding. I don't have an unhappy baby.


Maleficent - February 20

it is NOT NESSISARY to pump and dump. alcohol re-metabolizes into your blood stream and out of your body. once your feeling sober again the alcohol is GONE from your b___stmilk. i enjoyed a gla__s of wine every saturday night. i'd get my daughter off to bed then enjoy a nice wine. by the time she woke to nurse again there was no alcohol in my system and we happily nursed all morning. you CAN drink responsibly and still b___stfeed. just have a few pumped oz ready for daddy to feed shouls baby wake up and interrupt your fun. by morning, you're all set to nurse again.


k - April 1

what about a glas or three every night and smoking 1 to 5 cigs aday or every other day


Stephanie ~Skyes Mom~ - April 2

NO AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL IS EVER SAFE FOR AN INFANT! SMOKING CAN LEAD TO MANY COMPLICATIONS, SUCH AS RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS AND MUCH MUCH MORE! usually EVERYTHING is pa__sed through b___st milk except some prescriptions a doctor might prescribe. But if you really do want to drink then well do it in moderation! NO MORE Then 2 drinks per day. And I would wait a full day to b___st feed again. Although experts say its takes the same amount of time to clear your body as it would to clear through b___st milk, and that is about 6-8 hours. I would discourage any type of drinking though! You do have an infant, why couldn't drinking be left until a little bit longer when your child is older and is no longer b___stfed? Do as you wish but I think it is silly! I was told that beer actaully helps increase b___st milk flow, but you can only have one an hour and should only have 2 at the most. And do not feed baby until an hour past the last drink.


michelle - April 2

My two cents... an occasional gla__s of wine or a beer is not going to hurt anything. Now it is said to avoid nursing for an hour to keep any alcohol from reaching the baby but when my first batch were nursing there was no such restriction.


Ingrid - April 21

I think it would be wisest to ask a qualified professional, as all the advice you are getting here is opinion, and you may feel more comfortable making your decision based on facts rather than opinions. I know these forums are for opinions/suggestions/ideas, but this is quite a biggy for both you and your baby, and I don't think it's worth risking taking unqualified advice from other Mums, better to ask a Doctor.



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