Alcohol Breast Milk

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Jamie - November 25

How long does it take for alcohol to pass out of br___t milk? If I were to drink an 8 oz glass of wine with 9% alcohol, how long would I have to pump/dump for?


Barb - November 25

my doctor tole me to DRINK a gla__s of wine / beer to help my milk supply...just 1 gla__s and only once in a while, not everyday. They only get 3% of the's very little. If you're going to drink more than that, then pump and dump...hope that helps :)


Lesley - November 25

I miss having a drink now and again. I was pregnant with my daughter for 41 weeks, b___stfed for another 9 month then fell pregnant straight away with Ben, and now b___stfeed him. Last time I had a drink (enough to get drunk) was 2003. ohhhhhhhh no, I'm telling lies! I was drunk last christmas *cringes*


Hi - November 25

I'm 25 weeks pregnant and miss having wine. It's getting hard now that the holidays are here.


Jamie - November 25

Thanks, Barb - but my husband and I feel 3% is still too much; but, we bought a bottle of wine, and I'd like to be able to drink some of it with him - I just need to know how many feedings I need to pump for.


April - November 25

Food takes 2-3 hours. Alcohol must be the same. I can get quite a buzz off 3/4 of a light beer these days. How sad!


mom42 - November 26

Alcohol metabolizes out of your b___stmilk at the same rate it take to get out of your blood, so you do not need to pump and dump, unless you are uncomfortable. (only dashes are 48dashclinicaldash1) is a great chart for showing how long it takes for various amounts to metabolize out of your milk. Generally, it is 2 hours per drink! I did quite a bit of research and the general rule of thumb is that if you are sober enough to drive, you are sober enough to nurse (very low blood/milk alcohol content). In your case, wait until just after a feeding and enjoy a gla__s, or wait until after baby goes to bed for the night and have a couple! Hope this helps.


Christy - November 26

You don't have to pump and dump over one gla__s of wine- multiple, yes but one, no. I read that if you plan to have a drink, do it right after you feed your baby and consume it with a meal. By the time it is time for the next feeding, the alcohol will have been processesd and broken down by your body (it takes about one or two hours for your liver to process one unit of alcohol) and there won't be anything left to pa__s through your milk to your baby. It was also advised not to do this more than a couple times a week as alcohol actually inhibits milk production, according to some studies.


Christy - November 26

Mom42- Just checked out that site- very interesting. I guess I stand corrected on the decreasing milk production thing. Good info though- thanks!


Gina - November 28

If you b___stfeed first then have a gla__s of wine, you should be fine. It will be mostly motabolised by the time you need to nurse again. It's a personal choice. Just like the kinds of food you choose to eat. It just depends on how strict you want to be.


Kim - December 4

On occasion, I have had a gla__s of wine after b___stfeeding but my son is starting to cluster feed at night and seems to want to feed from about 8pm until midnight, on and off. Should I refrain from drinking even one gla__s, then? I am thinking of doing this until he gets into more of a pattern - he is only 5 weeks now and seems to be going through a growth spurt at the moment.



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