Am I Producing Enough

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Pipa - November 17

I've been br___tfeeding and just started pumping. My baby is fairly fussy in between feedings making clear hunger cues. He rarely makes it more than and hour and half before this starts (currently doing 2.5 to 3 hours b/w feedings). When I pump in the morning after he feeds I usually only get three ounces and then get another 2 at his next morning feeding. When we give him a nightime bottle I am able to pump four (total b/w br___ts). Does this seem like too little? I am worried that he's not getting enough. He's pooping fine and gaining weight but he gives a LOT of hunger cues and rarely sleeps the full time between his feedings (especially at night). Any insight/suggestions?


Pipa - November 17

Also, one b___st produces (consistently) more than the other.


excited2bemama - November 18

How old is your lo??? My lo is almost 6 months and she almost never(except at night) goes more thatn 2 hours between feedings. It sounds like you may need to feed him more often. If he shows signs of being hungry offer him the b___st.... feed on demand!! I know lots of books say that b___stfed infants should go 2.5-4 hours between feedings but I don't believe it. If a baby shows signs of wanting to nurse then feed him. Babies nurse for all kinds of reasons other than hunger although he may be hungry. Like I said my lo never goes that long between feedings except at night,. If he eats more during the day he may go longer at night. Don't use your pump as a judge of how much milk you have either as a baby can get more milk out of a b___st than any pump can.GL!!!!


alisonelecia - November 19

I have one b___st that makes twice as much as the other, so that's normal. Also if you're pumping after he nurses, it's normal to only get a few ounces. My pediatrician said that hunger cues in between feedings may just be a desire to suck. Have you tried a pacifier. With my dd, if she's fussy an hour after I fed her I can give her a pacifier and she'll suck on it for 5 minutes and then she's fine and giggling right after it. Then the hunger cues will start again when it has been 3 hours after the last feeding and that's when she's actually ready to eat. Does that make sense?


milwaukee30 - November 19

I also have one b___st that makes twice as much as the other!! I agree that you should feed on demand. I am still nursing my baby at 7 months. In the beginning she did a lot of cluster feeding. She may eat 4 times in two hours??? Something like that and then she might sleep for a few hours. I completely agree with the on-demand feeding. I had been absolutely convinced that I would get my baby on a schedule but then when I actually had her home it just seemed ridiculous.


Pipa - November 20

Thanks guys! Excited, my lo is four weeks on this Friday. It's interesting that you guys said what you did b/c since I wrote this I've gone down to two hour feedings and then whenever he wakes up during the night. I think part of his fussiness is his sleeping still getting figured out as well. My one b___st still produces less but I think it's getting better. He feeds sooooo long, often for 45 minutes so I'm not sure if all of that is eating or just pacifying. By the way we do use a pacifier when he gets sort of fussy but we have to hold it there b/c he can't keep it in yet. With on-demand feeding how do you make sure they aren't just snacking and how do you get anything done? I feel like I live from one feeding to the next and don't feel like I can run out for errands. I've not b___stfed away from home b/c I use a shield to start with and it's easier to be at home doing that. So far all errands have been accomplished in a small span of time to so as to get home for the next feeding. Thankfully we now have a small store of milk so if I can't get back and hubby is home with baby he can warm some up.


excited2bemama - November 20

With demand feeding you can't really make sure that they are snacking or feeding. Remember babies nurser for thirst, hunger, comfort, rea__surance... etc etc. Sucking is so important for babies and so is being close to mama.. combine the 2 (b___stfeeding) and basically that is what your lo wants to do all day long.. Trust me though it won't last!! YOu baby will get to be faster and as he gets older he will get more interested in the the world around him and one day you will realize that you aren't nursing as much. At 4 weeks he is probably still building your milk suppy anyways so its really important to feed on demand. Like I said my dd is almost 6 months and she still eats every 1.5-2 hours during the day and sometimes she will want to snack like 30 min later.. if something catches her attention and she didn't finish nursing before. But most of the time she can do a whole feeding in 5-8 min. My lo takes a paci too..,Also sometimes they are really tired and nurse to fall alsleep. y lo doesn't always nurse to sleep but at that age she did. If you think you lo has taken a full feeding and maybe is just pacifying himself- listen to see if he is swallowing.. if its been awhile and you don't hear him swallowing you can take him off and offer him the paci.. if he is still swallowing then he is still eating.



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