Ameda Or Medela

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m - April 21

If you have used one or both of these, please help. Which do you prefer and why..... Ameda Purely Yours, or Medela In Style? I am leaning toward Ameda, but am still looking for more input. Thanks!


Kathleen - April 21

I have the Ameda Purely yours. I absolutely LOVE it!!! I pump all of the time and have never been sore from the Ameda. I wouldn't every switch to a different pump!!!!!


sa__sifras - April 21

I borrowed one from a girlfirend, I don't know what style but it was a Medela. It was ridiculously expensive, but what a lifesaver!! My mother got me one of the little cheap ones the first week when my daughter wouldn't latch on, she said "my daughter the cow". It only had one attachment and my other b___b had milk POURING out everywhere! I loved the Medela.


m - April 21

Thanks ladies! LOL sa__sifras, when I bf my 2 sons, I had a single pump (just a cheapie), and that happened to me, too. One side would be pumping, and the other side would be shooting everywhere! It can be a humorous experience! Anyhoo, I have vowed to get me a good double pump this time!!


Jilloh - April 23

I have Medela double pump--love it never been sore either, sometimes there is like a 10 second or less pain because I have my nipple in wrong, believe me I get it fixed and then it doesnt hurt whatsoever.


Heidi - April 25

I have the Medela Pump In Style. Been using it for almost 7 months now. I love it! I got it used for $80.00. They're $249 at Target.


amyh - April 25

Ameda. My husband's company makes it :-) And, I love mine! My cousin had bought two others and finally asked for one from him...she said it worked 100% better than what she had used before.


pania - April 26

Medela was the only one that worked well for me....


C - April 28

I love my pump in style but I've never tried the Ameda to compare. I was lucky enough to borrow my sisters and I just bought the replacement parts.



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