Ameda Purely Yours

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Kristin11 - March 8

Has anyone used this br___t pump and how was it? Also what type of bottles do you recommend to limit br___t confusion, I am currently looking into the soothie brand bottles.


tryingx3 - March 8

Kristin11 - I use the Medela Pump in Style, can't help on the Ameda...have heard it is a good brand. I use the Playtex Nurser with the drop-ins - the only bottle she would take - I wish she would have taken something else as I have to buy the drop-ins all the time.


tryingx3 - March 8

we tried Avent & Playtex ventaire. She doesn't take a pacifier but when she was somewhat interested in one, it was the soothie.


Regina - March 8

I have an Ameda Purely Yours that I use 3x a day, 5 days a week. It works great. It is also super easy to clean as the milk does not go through any tubing. I would recommend it. As for bottles and nipples, you will just have to see what your LO prefers. I registered for Avent, which dd didn't like. I now use the playtex nurser nipples on the playtex ventaire bottles.


tryingx3 - March 8

Regina - I have thought of trying that, but read somewhere to only use the ventaire nipples on the ventair bottles. Do they leak or anything? Do you still change out the "disks" in the bottom of the bottle?


Kristin11 - March 9

Regina how much milk do you get per b___st each time you pump with the ameda?


Regina - March 9

Hi ladies! Trying, you just have to make sure you buy the right size ventaire bottles (and nipples), and you will have no problems. I (well I should say my MIL as she is the one who gives dd the bottle) have no trouble with the disks leaking either so long as they are lined up right. Kristin, the amount I get varies, but generally I pump between 2 and 3 ozs from each b___st. Sometimes, I get more.


Brenda M - March 10

Hi! I've been using this pump for eight months and would recommend it. Of course, I've nothing to compare it to, but I haven't had any issues at all. I use it every night before bed, and then twice a day at work. I've even used in the car (plugged into the lighter outlet) when my husband was driving. I pump either right into the Playtex Drop-In bags, or I use the bottles that came with the pump. For feeding, we've always used Playtex Drop-In nursers and Rory has never had a feeding problem. I hope this helps!



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