Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

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pat - September 27

I am a first time mom and want to br___tfeed. I know since I will be going back to work in 3 months that I will need a good pump to keep up br___t milk while at work. I have compared the medela and ameda on the computer but would like comments from people who have actually used them. This is a big purchase to me since you cannot take it back once purchased if you do not like it. I think the medela is very expensive but not sanitary ( milk backs up into motor) and the ameda much less expensive no sanitary problems. Both are double electric pumps which come with bag and cooler but so much difference in price. I almost think medela has a raquet going or something........Let me know if you have used these pumps please and your experience with them. I understand hospitals use both to rent out so this does not help me. I would appreciate any input from actual users.


Tina - September 27

Pat, I purchased the ameda. I haven't used it yet but I took it with me to the hospital when I had my baby. The nurse who looked at it for me told me that it was one of the best one's out there. She said that all the lactation consultants that they spoke to recommeneded the Ameda. Hope this helps. I'm hoping to be able to use my pump later this week. The nurses told me not to pump until I started to leak but that hasn't happened yet. She also told me only to pump the amount I was leaking. My husband is driving me crazy with the can you pump yet... he wants to help me with the middle of the night feedings and give me a break but right now he's just driving me didn't me to get off of the subject.


anne - September 28

i have the manual one and it was not only painful, but hurt my wrist from using it. its very noisy - squeeks like crazy. hard to keep quiet in the house or office with the noise.


Jenn... - September 28

I have the Medela. If it had not been given to me at my shower I would have bought the Ameda. Like you, I compared them both and did my research, they seemed about equal except for the $100 savings on the Ameda. The hospital I delivered at used Ameda, so they sent me home with attachments that convert to hand pumps. I prefer my Ameda hand pump over my Medela hand pump, it is much easier and expresses faster. As far as my Medela PIS, I have had no sanitary problems or problems in general. I am a stay at home mom though, so I don't get much use out of it. Just once a day in the overnight hours.


pat - September 28

thank you for your input...Tina that was cute about your husband aggravating you to pump....I bet my husband will be the same way....***jen you are using your pis once a day?? You like it ok? I doubt though I will get lucky and get a electric pump of quality from my baby showers ( you are so lucky!!!)



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