Amount Your Babies Eat

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stefkay - October 25

I'm starting to wonder about daughter is almost 4 mos. old and I br___tfeed her all the time except for about once a day I give her a bottle with pumped and previously frozen br___tmilk in it. I just let her nurse when she is hungry and stop when she seems done. I don't time her or anything and it seems to work. She seems to eat less now, but I think she is just more efficient at getting it out of the br___t. When I make her a bottle I put about 3.5oz of br___tmilk in a bottle. I have TONS of 3.5 oz milk bags in the freezer before I realized maybe she eats more than that at a feeding? My lactation consultant told me at one time the equation for amount to feed is weight x 2.5 and then divide that number by the number of feedings per day (I'm just guessing 8). I don't know what she weighs right now until we go to her dr. on Nov. 13. The thing is though, she seems satisfied with the 3.5 oz when she has the bottle. Sometimes she doesn't even finish it. I also get the feeling she is more of a "snacker" when it comes to eating because I br___tfeed her a lot, but she doesn't eat for long, and tends to fall asleep at the br___t pretty quickly. Waking her or tickling her, etc. doesn't seem to help. She is gaining and growing fine so I am not sure what to think. Other feedback is so appreciated so I can know what others do. Thanks!!!


LeslieM - October 25

hi stefkay. i am so glad that you posted this. sounds exactly like how i b___stfeed ( minus the bottles, only once in a while when necesary for hubby)...aside from that, my son nurses like your daughter. i have finally stopped worrying about it too much as it seems to work for both of us and ESPECIALLY him. he is 10 1/2 weeks old and weighs 11lbs 10oz. he was 7lbs 5oz at birth. the doctor told us yesterday repeatedly how great he looked and is doing. i think we tend to worry about what the "norm" is as its talked about so much, but what we have to remember is that its about what is best for OUR babies. they are individuals and though small, they are unique. sounds like your LO is growing and happy ( she'd let you know if she wasnt) when i stopped worrying, i found that feedings have been more enjoyable and i think we are both more relaxed. YOU ARE DOING A GEAT JOB>>>REMEMBER THAT! hugs.


sarah21 - October 26

That's exactly how we do it minus the bottle since DD refuses to take it now. if she's happy then what you're doing is working so don't worry about it.


stefkay - October 27

Thank you for your responses, I'm thinking it works well too. My daughter loves to fall asleep at the b___st and I've given up fighting it. She seems to get enough to eat and would probably cry and be fussy if she were hungry all the time and shes actually a really happy baby :) I only give her the occasional bottle when we go out to eat or the store with her or when I visit friends or family. It's helped her dad bond with her more so he can feed her every once in a while. Thankfully she took right to the bottle from the very first time and didn't reject the b___st. I do notice she gets easily frustrated while bf'ing and I wonder sometimes if she remembers how easy it is to get it out of the bottle? Well, off to feed the little princess :) lol...



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