Any Exclusive Pumpers Out There Help

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kris10 - November 24

I chose to pump and bottle (as I did with my first child). It has been three days, I am getting about an ounce of liquid when I pump - orangey in color. My br___ts feels really full and uncomfortable, but not much other milk comes out. Is this normal? I don't remember being so uncomfortably full after pumpings with my first child. Please help!


cheri - November 28

hi kris10 it sounds like you are just getting colostrum still and your milk hasn't come in yet give it time and keep at it.


C - November 28

Wow! I give you a lot of credit for exclusively pumping- it is so hard. I pump every other day or so, just to have a supply on hand, and it's such a pain, lol! I commend you for keeping at it. Do you mind if I ask why you chose to pump? I am just curious. Congrats on your new little one!


Beth - November 28

I changed to just pumping when I went back to work. In the beginning I nursed and pumped. I found that pumping was much easier after nursing. More milk came out and it didn't hurt as much. Now my body is used to the pump and I can get almost as much by just pumping. I did both for the first 8 weeks. The nursing and pumping really helps to build up the milk supply. Hope this helps.


kris10 - November 30

thanks for all your help. I am still only able to get about 2 oz out of each b___st per pumping. I remember with my son I was able to pump about 4 oz out of each b___st. I guess it's just different this time. C- I chose to pump because I get frustrated with the learning curve - babies wouldn't latch on well, and it was painful. Especially after the first few sleepless nights, I thought it was easier and less stressful for me to pump. It was actually the easier way out for me :).


KFish - November 30

are you pumping when your baby is awake and crying. You may just be stressed out and that is not causing the let down.


Della - November 30

You may want to see a lactation consultant. I had a lot of troubble with b___stfeeding in the beginning. The lactation consultant really helped. When I pump I get much less than when I just b___stfeed directly. I was told that the baby is much mor efficiant than a pump. Nursing is not painful for me at all any more. Pumping is much more uncomfortable.


kidesign - December 10

hey, i am pumping and in the beginning it was the same way- the doctor told me that the milk in an engoged b___st is kinda like a pepsi bottle turned directly upside down- its slow to come out when it has alot of pressure behind it. I was worried that i had a clogged duct- but it all worked out fine- ive been pumping for about 2 months now- every 3-4 hours- im about a bottle ahead of her.



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