Anybody Starving And Eating More

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Gina - February 12

What is wrong with me. All I want to do is eat!!! I crave sweets so bad I would kill someone if I dont have something everyday and sometimes two times a day.


dani - February 12

Me too!!! I swear I've been eating so much junk food lately. I feel bad b/c I should be eating healthier b/c of b___stfeeding but can't stop


April - February 12

I am so starving if I go more than 3 hours without eating I get the shakes! I can eat and never get full! I always take healthy snacks out with me or else I might get fast food :-P I will make Carrot, Apple or Banana bread with some oatmeal whole wheat flour and mabye even some ground flax. Doesn't sound good but it is I swear. Also I travel with milk in drinking boxes and a bottle of water. I love chocolate chip cookies. I make homemade oatmeal chocolate chip ones because I like to think if they have oatmeal in them then I can eat 8 and not feel as bad!


Trac - February 12

Yes!! I have been really hungry too. About 3 weeks ago, I was really eating non stop. It's gotten a little better now but I am definitely hungry every 3-4 hours now. I guess we just are burning so many calories feeding the babies that we need to replenish! But, I don't think girl scout cookies are the best way to do that. Ha Ha! Love this forum, helps me know I am not alone.


Heidi - February 13

It doesn't get any better with time either. I'm going on 4 months. I got about 5 lbs to go but I'm not trying to diet or anything. But I have days where I eat really healthy snacks and meals and then there's days where I rip through my pantry looking for anything with chocolate in it. This is usually the day after I go grocery shopping and the house is full of snacks and goodies. If I know we're out I don't crave them as much but the DH goes nuts if we don't have something so I'm always tempted. I can really pack the food away so don't feel bad. Hee hee! He'll look at me funny and I say, well this extra helping is for Emma. Ha ha!


MyAngelBaby - February 13

Me too! I had my baby 9 weeks ago and am down to my normal weight. I have been since week 2, but all I want to do is eat. I eat more than when I was pregnant. The scale says I'm not gaining weight, but I don't know how that is possible with the amount of junk food I am eating. I get so depressed because my pants still feel tight and I still have a little bit of a belly. Then it makes me want to eat more cuz I am so depressed! Ever since I had my baby I have to have something sweet at or after every and I mean EVERY meal or I go crazy!


tina - February 13

I agree I am always hungry I think for the first time in our marriage I eat more than my husband. I try to eat healthy foods and not to eat junk but sometimes I just crave the junk.. I'm trying to exercise more and can't wait for the weather change. The little one and I will head for the park every morning the weather permits once it isn't snowing all the time. Right now it's yoga and pilates and dance videos for me. Little one thinks they are funny and laughs at me and the video. She has tummy time and mommy has exercise time.


Sasha - February 13

I eat less now that I'm not pregnant, but I have some kind of strange addiction to cookies. I mainly eat a cookie based diet.



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