Anyone Bf With Implants

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margie - November 7

I had br___t augmentation about 10 years ago with a lift and they cut around my nipples to insert the implants, but they left the nerves connected throughout the procedure. I am still pregnant but wondering how difficult this will be to nurse? I have had some leaking of colostrum in the second trimester but if I recall, only on my right I know that somethings going on in there, but I wonder if my milk supply will not be high enough with the implant in there (they are not super large ones or anything) Oh and it is behind the muscle. If anyone knows about this please let me know!


BiancaM - November 8

Hey Margie I have implants and I am b___stfeeding just fine. I wasn't cut around the nipple though. And I didn't have any colostrum until after the baby was born but I still have plenty of milk. Good luck!


oncemore - November 8

Same here. I had implants about 4 yrs ago and I bf my dd just fine. But had a little less of a supply on my left side. Not sure if it had anything to do with the implants though. I bf two children before ever getting the implants as well. I didn't have the nipple entry. Just under the b___st and under the muscle. But I have a good friend that also had implants and she did the nipple entry... she also bf a child AFTER the b___b job. Infact, that was her only child she bf as before... she didn't have enough of a milk supply. All you can do is try. Good luck with nursing and congratulations on your pg!


margie - November 8

Thank you! I have only about 6 weeks til her due date so I'm sure I'll be on here with plenty of questions once I really start to try. I'm hoping and praying that it will work out for me. I was 19 when I got the "job" done and wasn't really thinking of things like b___stfeeding at the time so I didn't even ask any questions of the Dr! Guess it's different for everyone though...thank you for sharing your experiences



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