Anyone Else Had Nipple Thrush

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lisa - November 26

ive got thrush on my nipples, anyone else had it, how did you get rid of it and did it come back?


Jenn... - November 26

When Blake was born he was treated with antibiotics for 2 days. As a result he came down with oral thrush which spread to my nipples. I treated him with oral nystatin. My OBGYN prescribed a cream nystatin for my nipples, but my lactation consultant suggested something different. She had me use monistat cream (the same stuff you get for a yeast infection) 4X per day. Use a small amount the size of a pencil eraser on each nipple immedietly after a feeding. It is not harmful to the baby at all. Mine never came back. Good luck!


lisa - November 27

hi jen, when you used the monistat cream did you not have to use anything for baby, cos ive been using clotmizadole??? just me, midwife asked doc to prescribe something for my daughter but he just gave me cream, im thinking if i dont treat her too shell pa__s it back


Jenn... - November 27

I still used the medication that the pediatrician had prescribed for Blake. It was liquid nystatin. You both have to be treated even if you are not both showing signs of thrush or you will pa__s it back and forth.


Heidi - November 27

How did you know you had it? Emma's tongue is white but she was tested for yeast and it was negative but it's still really white three weeks later.


Jenn... - November 27

I spotted white not only on Blake's tongue but also on his inner cheeks and lips. About the same time my nipples started hurting pretty bad, not only while nursing but also in between feedings. My nipples were also abnormally pink which is another sign.


Sheena - November 28

If you catch thrush early enough you can get rid of it with organic apple cider vinegar. Use organic to avoid pesticides. Just use a cottonball to apply to nipples before and after nursing and anytime you are bothered by discomfort.(It is very soothing.) You can also swab the inside of the baby's mouth with it. Since it is a food product it is a very safe solution. Remember to never put anything on your nipples that you wouldn't put on your lips, or eat. If this remedy doesn't work within a few days, you will have to resort to nystatin.


lisa - December 4

heidi, it feels like you cant have any material touch your nipples they are xtra sensetive, red shiny feels to me like theyve been stung by bees


Kiersten - December 9

I have nipple thrush and it's spread into my milk ducts. Chunks of my nipples are missing from the yeast infection and I'm wondering how long will last and when will my nipples grow back their missing skin? I'm in Diflucan (sp?) and my daughter is on Nystatin. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? My doc says it is the worse case she has seen in 24 years. Help!


kaye - December 9

my nipples are really red and feel like they were stung by bees but only after i use my b___st pump. After my baby nurses it doesn't feel like it really. Could I be in the 1st stages? What else could it be if not?


kaye - December 9

Oh also---i have a really painful, stinging let-down too. It feels like a burning/stinging sensation. Anyone else have that?


lisa - December 10

kaye, this is lisa, original poster. I think im over it and stpooed taking medicine a week ago but still get the stung feeling after feeds, others say same mabie thats just b___stfeeding


Kiersten - December 11

Kaye - I get the stinging sensation let down as well. It's horrible and I don't think this is normal. I think it's the yeast brewing in our milk ducts.


Sheena - December 11

If you still have symptoms, try a diet that gets rid of candida. There is a book called The Yeast Connection that goes way into it. I didn't do the whole thing, just stopped eating sugar and white flour. The whole idea is that yeast eats sugar to survive. You can starve them by controlling what you eat. As far as chunks missing from your nipples, try moist wound healing. They will heal faster that way.Hope this helps.


kaye - December 12

Thanks for the answers guys. I do eat a lot of sugar in my daily diet I'm sorry to say. Do you think that if I cut down on my sugar intake that would help? I don't think I have thrush but the let-down is still really weird, like my b___bs are on fire for like 10 seconds. My lactation consultant never mentioned sugar or yeast, but she did say she doesn't see signs of thrush. But you know how sometimes you can just tell something isn't right?


Della - December 12

It's never a bad idea to improve your diet. You don't have anything to loose by cutting back on your sugar intake. As far as the thrush, you have to TOTALLY eliminate sugars and white flour as well as follow the list of other foods that need to be avoided to fully get candida under controll. It can be a real battle if it's really out of hand, but most people can do it in 3-6 months by my understanding and experience. (This is not my profession.) Do listen to your intuition, it's your best indicator.


kiersten - December 13

Sheena - what is moist wound healing?



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