Anyone Else S L O Pooping Only Once A Week

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Perl - February 8

Or is it just my little guy? I've already seen the pediatrician and he said it's normal and my little guy is alright and not constipated. So if it's so normal why doesn't it happen to all br___tfed babies. Is there anyone else out there whose baby poops only once every 6 or 7 days?


chrissi79 - February 8

Perl, daughter is BF also, but she goes about 8 times a DAY or old is your baby?


kellens mom - February 8

Perl, I bumped a recent thread that touches on this subject a bit. FYI, our dd regularly held it for 7 days before b__wing out. She finally started having movements regularly after being on solids for a couple of weeks.


Leilani14 - February 9

I was wondering the same thing. I posted the question on ivillage board and here is a link


Perl - February 9

So it's just Leilani and I with babies who do this. No one else??? Doesn't sound very "normal" if we're in the minority does it Leilani--thanks for the ivillage link I'll go look it up now.


spamanda - February 9

Mine went through a phase where he'd go 4 or 5 days without pooping. Then when he did -- WHEW! lol That was when he was around 3 mos. old. Now that he's 4.5 mos., he's going almost every day again and it's not nearly as messy as before. He's only b___stfeed, never had anything but. Supposedly it has to do with b___stmilk not having a lot of extras -- it's all needed in your lo's body. I suspect it'll change soon enough for you too.


Kristin72 - February 10

Hi Perl, Have you tried having more fibre in your own diet? Try to have bran, spinach and lots of fruits and veggies and fibre rich foods. Aviod dairy for a few days and drink tons of water..and if you can.. try and wean the formula supplementation for a bit, that is if you are still doing that. My little one is pretty regular. The only times she was bunged up was when I supplemented with formula as this can upset a babies digestive system...going back and forth. I usually only give her formula once a week when we are at the MIL's to get her off my back. ;)


Kristin72 - February 10

Also, iron can make a baby constipated..even though spiach is high in iron it is a very fibre rich food.


Perl - February 12

Correction, Leilani, Kellens mom and I and spamanda. That's still only 4 of us. I guess it's normal but not very common. Still seems odd to me. BTW, the books and the pedi said this is NOT CONSTIPATION as long as stools are soft when they do have a bowel movement which they have been. So far, it's been 7 days, 8 days, 2 days and 4 days between bowel movements. I'm getting used to it. It saves a lot of baby wipes but when he poos we have to do an emergency bath.


kellens mom - February 12

Perl, if you have not figured it out yet, it is advisable to put some sort of liner in the car seat. I put a few strategic cuts in a baby changing pad so that the seat belt clip and the shoulder harness could be used with the liner. It REALLY saves having a huge mess. Have you tried to clean car seats regularly? What a pain. Just a suggestion.


Leilani14 - February 13

I have a new theory. I think my babys pooping schedule is related to my cycle. I am somewhat constipated in the second half of my cycle and when I get period everithing is fine again. I need more time to figure if this is really the case.


Perl - February 14

Hey great suggestion Kellen's mom! I would not have thought adding a changing pad/liner to the car seat. So far I've been lucky in not having to do cleanup on the car seat. I have put extra wipes and an extra outfit for baby in the diaper bag though. ***Leilani: interesting theory. Let us know if it happens against your next cycle that would be good to know.



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