Anyone Else Use A Nipple Shield

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cyclemom - March 13

I have been using a nipple shield b/c the first 4 days my son wouldn't suck, even after a good latch. My nipples aren't super flat, but the nipple shield has helped a ton. It is such a hassle to wash in between each feeding and it causes me to leak quite a bit when he is nursing. I've tried to get him nurse w/o the shield, but he gets really frustrated. Does anyone have any ideas how to successfully wean him off the nipple shield? I don't want to introduce a bottle until he's off the shield. He is 3 weeks old today. Thanks for your help!


eclipse - March 14

I never successfully weaned my son off the shield-I know some have, but my son was latch-impaired from the beginning. Now I actually pump full time because of Acid Reflux and thickening of his bottles. What I have been told is start nursing with the shield, then take it off a few minutes later after he is not so hungry and try. He may not go for it, but it is worth a shot. Good luck. Oh, and the leaking gets better. Mine finally stopped.


Ciarasmom - March 14

I used the shied in the beginning because one of my nipples was flat. I used it for 2 weeks and got her off of it. What I did was start her out on the shield and switch to without it. It took a couple of trys but she eventually got it. I also read to wait untill they are almost full and somewhat sleepy and that works too because they don't pay attention to the difference. Good luck. Be careful because the shield reduced my milk supply and I had to use fennugrek and blessed thistle for a couple of weeks.


Lala - March 14

Yes, my ds used the sheild for the first 2 weeks. He resisted weaning off it. I would do the start with the shield, then try to quickly slip it off, and relatch. If he got mad, I quickly put it back on and let him eat in peace. Don't let it become a battle. Once he was letting me take it off some of the time, I tried feeding him before he got hungry and crying by starting without the shield when he wasn't very hungry and likely to get frustrated. Then, after he did latch without it a few times in a row, I think he forgot about the shield, so I never used it again. It was hard at first (esp. b/c at 2 weeks old he finally started nursing easily with the shield, and now we had to start all over again!), but he learned more quickly to nurse well without it. Now he is 7 weeks and nursing well, and taking the Breasflow bottle with EBM (b/c I will be back to work partime soon) no problem! You'll get there!


aggie03 - March 15

I had to see a lac cons to wean dd off the was worth every penny.. but in the end we weened out of nesecity...dh forgot to pack them when we took a trip out of town....I agree that they are a ha__sle, she told me that you dont HAVE to wash them everytime, you can also store them inside your bra so dont go looking for them or carry them around. you should be leaking...are you inverting them a little before you put them on? it will be easir for your son to latch on when his mouth is a bit bigger too...


jazminesmom - March 15

well i used a nipple sheild with my daughter and she didn't ween off of it, i stop b___stfeed at 6 months


Jennifer123 - March 19

I also started w/ the shield and at 4 weeks we were able to get off of the shield. I went to an LC who helped make sure we were latching correctly. It took a couple of days for her to get used to it but we just stopped completely and only offered the b___st w/out the shield and the transition was pretty smooth. It's much nicer not having to keep up w/ the shield and keep that thing clean. Good luck!


Gretta - March 19

I used one for a few days and to switch her off I started the feed with it on than took her off and started the feed up again without it. Once she was in mid feed it didn't seem to bother her but it took a day or two to get her completely weaned.


Lala - March 19

it took us about a week to completely get off it.



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