Anyone Here On WIC Program

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Amy_mommy - May 4

hi, is anyone here on WIC program? and if so, how many cans of formulas do i get if i am br___tfeeding and how many cans of formulas do i get if i am NOT br___tfeeding????????? thanks so much


mommietobe - May 4

I live in Florida and I'm on WIC. When you bf they give no formula, but the mom gets tuna, carrots, milk, juice, eggs. If you didn't bf and baby is on reg formula you get like 12-14 cans per month. I can tell you as baby gets older and eats more WIC doesn't cover all the cans you need. My first son had feeding problems and went on Nutramigen and I got 10 cans a month because it's so expensive. Call your local WIC office and see what they tell you. Oh, they do increase the can amount as baby gets older , but you'll still need to buy two to three cans a month. Trust me it's cheaper to bf.Hope this helps.


C - May 5

Couldn't you just tell them you are bottle feeding to get the formula and then buy your own food for yourself? That way you could store up formula until the day you decide to wean.


jessielouwho - May 12

I live in Michigan and if you are b___stfeeding WIC will not supply you with formula.


littlemama1022 - May 13

I live in Virginia, and I am on WIC. If you don't b___stfeed, they give you 31 cans of formula per month. I'm not sure about the b___stfeeding thing, but I do know they give you a b___st pump.


Newmom - May 15

I'm in WV and on WIC. I b___stfeed and use Nutramigen occasionally and WIC gives me drafts for that. They determine how many cans based on how much I supplement. I don't use it often. He has a sensitivity to milk protein, and if I accidentally eat something with milk in it, I use formula. I love b___stfeeding though and am very careful what I eat.


collint3 - May 18

Don't tell them you are breaastfeeding! You can get more milk if you tell them you are not b___stfeeding.


Ginny - May 22

Are you really willing to lie just to get more milk?


christine25 - May 27

i b___stfeed and told them im doing both b___stfeeding and using formula. so i get the food, and also the cans of formula. they started me off with 6 cans a month and said i could ask for more if i wanted. i havent found the need yet, so i havent tried to get more.


Been There - May 27

I agree that lying isn't very nice. But the dollars pretty much trade off in benefits for WIC products. They provide more for the mother's intake if b___stfeeding and supplementing versus more for the baby if just formula fed. If she needs the formula more than she needs supplements for herself, then so be it. I say don't tell about the b___stfeeding if you really need more formula. They still provide according to a budget anyway. Do what you feel comfortable with.


Brenda - June 2

i live in Los angeles and i told them that i was supplementing and they also only gave me 6 cans but that if i decided that she needed more or i weaned althought they told me that i should continue bf. i now get 8 cans and i am giving her only formula but she is eating solids so her formula intake has gone down and i only have to but one extra can.



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