Anyone Needed An Antibiotic While Breastfeeding

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help - November 8

I went to the doctor yesterday because my eye seemed infected. He told me I have an infection in my eye and prescribed Ciloxan in a eye drop form. I went to take it and I noticed it said not to use while br___tfeeding. I called to see if there was an alternate antibiotic and they replied that I need to start taking it right away and to stop br___tfeeding. They said if I want to br___tfeed after the medication is gone (7 days) that I'd have to pump and dump the milk. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? I called my sons doctor and they have not returned my message. Also, if you did do this were you able to go back to br___tfeeding, did your supply suffer? My son takes well to a bottle but I don't want to quit cold turkey.


momma - November 8

i had a bladder infection when my daughter was 2 months and put on generic macrobid i was told not to nurse until 48 hours after i was done taking the medicne. she latched on fine but after a day of nursing her 15 to 20 min. each side and finding her still hungry after every meal and giving her a bottle each time i gave up and stuck with bottles (she was fine with just bottles of the same about that she was eating every time) if it says to stop nursing then stop nursing the baby if you have milk stored you can use that and bottles that way your son will still get b___st milk too


Jodie - November 8

I had a horrid case of mast_tis with my son and was prescribed an antibotic safe for b___stfeeding


C - November 8

Well I found out some more information. I spoke when my son's doctor and they said it was fine as long as it was the drops and not a pill form. They said there isn't an alternative medicine, which I still think is odd. I then asked the pharmacy and she looked it up and said it was fine to take but to double check with my ob/gyn. I think it'll be okay. This has opened my eyes to the importance of storing milk for a rainy day.



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