Anyone On A Milk Free Diet Please Help

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Babycakes - December 8

I just had fraternal twins, oct 21. one of them had streaks of blood in her stool a couple days after she came home. we were then hospitalized for 3 days and she was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. i was asked to go on a diet if i still wanted to BF. i love BF but i am finding that the milk/soy free diet is proving too much for me as the bulk of my normal diet is dairy. am seriously considering stopping nursing for her but feel so guilty. the other twin is fine. can some one please give me some kind of advice etc??? please help!


first-timer - December 8

I had to go milk/dairy free because of gas issues and was never that severe. My midwife told me that some cheeses and yogurt would be okay because of the process they go through. Now my nephew was just like your DD exactly and my sister in law did the milk free thing. She just subst_tuted milk products for soy products. You have to do what you feel is right for you and your kids. Maybe do formula for one and BF for the other or try out the diet and see how it goes first before making any decisions. Good luck!


lmk - December 13

My ds has a lot of gas, so I've considered cutting milk out of my diet. I've heard that goat's milk is much easier tolerated and you may want to ask your pedi about that. There's lots of goat milk products nowadays...milk, cheese, and yogurt.


tryingx3 - December 13

I had to cut out milk products too - I was able to re-introduce at 12 weeks. I had a LOT of chicken and green beans and cereal with soy milk. I missed chocolate and found lactose in a lot of ingredients as well. Even watch ranch dressing and things like that.


krc - December 14

well what is more important to sacrificing your dietary habits for a few months so your baby can have the best thing in the world for them... b___stmilk , or eat whatever you want and give your baby formula, which is inferior, doesn NOT boost their immune system, and can cause adverse reactions that b___stmilk wont! I think you can make a small sacrifice..... it's your child .. not a pet! Don't be selfish.


krc - December 14

oh yeah, congrats on having fraternal twins ! My friend is currently 5 months pregnant with frateral twins as well. I'm sure it must be tough, but hang in there and be strong for your babies!!!



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