Anyone Take A Breastfeeding Class

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Angela - October 13

There is a place in my neighborhood called the Pump Station and they offer a breasfeeding class that you take prior to giving birth. It's one night for 3 hours. I'm wondering if this is worth the $50. Anyone else do this? Was it helpful? Can you get the same information from the hospital where you give birth?


Katie - October 13

I didn't take any cla__ses. The nurses showed me how at the hospital.


Jamie - October 14

I didn't take any cla__ses, and I had 4 nurses at the hospital telling me 4 ways to do it. I didn't get it down til I forgot what they told me and just did what felt natural. It's up to you.


Kathryn - October 14

I agree with Katie and Jamie. I didn't take any cla__ses. It came very natural to me.


jena - October 24

are you in LA? we just took a cla__s at Santa Monica-UCLA given by the Pump Station lady - is this the one you are talking about? It was 3 hours and I thought it was very informative because lots of people asked questions that you wouldn't think to ask. It was $65 for us because we aren't delivering at SM-UCLA, but I think it was worth it - can't tell you for sure though since I haven't given birth yet! Also they have cla__ses/workshops for new moms where you bring your baby with you so you could maybe go without the cla__s and if you are having a hard time, go to the workshop with your baby. It comes naturally to some, but not all new moms, so some prep is necessary I feel. Good luck!


Jenn... - October 25

I would recommend putting that money aside. Before you have your baby get the phone number for a lactation consultant in your area. Wait until after you have the baby and then if you have trouble nursing call the consultant, if you don't have trouble - great you saved yourself money :) Also...if you feel like you just need more info about b___stfeeding get The Breastfeeding Book by Dr. Sears. This book secured my b___stfeeding success when I had a hard time in the beginning! I highly recommend it :) Good luck!


KFish - October 26

I took a b___stfeeding cla__s through my Hospital. It was free. It was very informative.



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