Anyone Whos Baby Went Straight From Breat To Sippy Cup

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Lindsey - November 2

My daughter is refusing bottle(we've been trying since she was 3 weeks-she's 9 weeks now). We've tried everything, all different kinds of bottles and nipples. I was wondering if anyone has had thier baby go straight from br___t to sippy cup and if so what age? Thanks so much!


Jamie - November 2

I've heard of it done, usually around 6 months...I don't know what to tell you about the bottle refusal...but, are you the one giving the bottle? If so, you could try having someone else give it to her.


Lynn - November 2

Yes, have someone else give her the bottle & leave the house al together, go for a walk or something. If dad has been active with you trying to give her a bottle, then have him leave & someone that she doesn't know can get her the b___b give her the bottle - she may be mor einclined to take it then if she knows hte b___st is not near. Babies can smell you & dad & know that you are close by.


mom42 - November 2

We have given up on the bottle. I went back to work part time and my 13 week old will just wait for 5 hours to eat, rather than take the bottle. I'm hoping for the sippy cup transition, too, so I can go out without feeling like i'm starving her!


miranda - November 4

my middle daugher would not take a bottle. one night my husband took me away for the night and left the kids with his parents and she had to take the bottle until i got back. my inlaws said it took her awhile but she did it, at 9 months she went straight to cup and b___st and never had a bottle again.


misty - November 8

my son did. I b___stfed him for a year then tried to do a bottle but he hated it. So I got a sippy cup, tho it took us a couple days he got used to it. Just give it time, and the type of nipple might be the problem..(silicon, or latex) just keep trying, maybe have someone else try the bottle a couple of times. Good luck



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