Are There Any Ways To Get My Milk Richer For My Baby

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Faiths mommy - January 31

Hi there my dd had her 6 month check-up yesterday along with her shots=( her doctor made me seem like a horrible mother. My dd is 14lbs4oz and 26 inches. She said she was worried because my dd was so thin, she is not thin to me the doctorsaid she should be 15lbs by now considering she was 7lbs8oz at birth and 20inches. She told me she wanted me to switch to formula and she would give me a sample before I left, Well afetr she got her shots my dh and I did not wait around for her to come back with the sample we feel she is just fine. I think she will just be pet_te. I want to switch ped but we are in the military and they just switched the process of changing providers and it will take a while. I don't want to go back to her again. Sorry if I am rambling... but as far as my ? goes does anyone know of anything I can take to get my supply up or make it richer. I am not sure if my supply is even low, it may not be that rich any ideas would greatly be appreciated.


Trac - January 31

Check out and you can read lots of good stuff. It's sort of a myth that our milk sometimes isn't enough. I don't think there is anything wrong with your milk. Are you drinking plenty of water/fluids? Does your baby seem happy? If so, then you are doing something right. Maybe she is just pet_te. My neice was always little and she is perfectly healthy. If you think she is not getting enough, try feeding her for longer periods. The more fatty milk is at the end of the feeding (called the hindmilk). You could add cereal mixed with b___stmilk if you think she is ready for spoon feeding. Check out that web site, it's great. And, you may have a La Leche group in your town - us moms need all the support we can get! I'm sure there is nothing for you to worry about. If you see the doctor again and she asks you why you didn't switch to formula, you can just tell her that there are so many benefits to b___stmilk and you just couldn't see switching to something artificial. Your b___st milk gives your baby exactly what she needs at each stage of her development. Good luck.


SaraL - January 31

Ditto what Trac said. Forget the doc and keep up with the b___stfeeding. Trac is right about the hindmilk. If you've ever pumped - you can see the difference. Your milk looks more like 'skim' when you first pump, but then it turns more yellowish and creamy the more you pump. So, if you tend to feed on one side for 10 minutes then switch - try feeding her just from one b___st at one feeding then on the other at the next feeding. Then you know she's getting the hindmilk. I used to wear a bracelet, and switch it to remember which b___b I was on... lordy, what sleep deprivation does to our minds. Also, if you're worried about your production, you could pump a bit after you're done feeding her - it makes your body think your baby is going through a growth spurt, and it will just naturally start producing more milk.


jg - February 1

Your b___st milk will always be the perfect strength for your baby. Just like when you are pregnant, the baby will get all the goodness it needs from you even if it is to your detriment. LOL. If you want to beef your baby up, perhaps like Trac said start on solids. My bub HATED baby cereal, but loved other things like baby yoghurt, fruit gels, cheese (they recommend cottage cheese from six months), and mashes vegies.


katie - February 1

Faiths mommy - my daughter weighed 19 pounds at 15 months, exactly the same as I did at 15 months. I was a formula baby, my daughter is a b___st baby. Some babies are just built skinny. Your doctor is very wrong in trying to get you to switch to formula. I hope you can find another who will support your bf decision!!! It IS the perfect food.


Jamie - February 1

Faiths mommy - report your ped to TriCare! :-) The military care providers are supposed to encourage b___stfeeding above all else, and are NOT supposed to hand out samples of formula, etc. So your ped is way wrong. If your baby is growing at a steady rate and is proportional to herself, she's just fine.


Heidi - February 1

That's c___p. Emma is almost 4 months old and only 13 lbs and she looks like a little chubberoo and I b___stfeed her. I have a midwife and she's never suggested putting her on formula and said she's perfectly healthy and in the right percentile for her age. Let me guess, you got a guy doctor and on a military base? I don't think they know much about b___stfeeding if you ask me. That's why I love my midwife.


Sarah-Natalees mama - February 1

I agree her Dr. is wrong. My dd was only 13 lbs 7 oz at her 4 month appt, but she was more like 4.5 months. Her Dr. said that was fine. Compared to other babies her age she does look small-not skinny at all-just pet_te like you said. My dd is also only b___stfed too. I would not worry and would not switch to formula. Sounds like you have a very healthy girl.


Faiths mommy - February 1

I am going to the tri-care office today and change her pediatritions.


Heidi - February 1

I would and get a second opinion. Can you get midwife's there? At least ask for a female doc who's been there/done that.


HEATHER - February 3

You've got me worried now my dd is 5 months and I weighed her and she is just 13 lbs and 25". She has been getting 2tbs cerael/day since 4 months also. i completely refuse to formula feed. I agree with the other girls b-milk is perfect and Id say just keep up the good work. All babies are different.


Faiths mommy - February 4

I went to the tri-care office to start the process of changing ped. I also called the La Leche league in our town and told them my situation and told her how much my dd weighed and she said it sounds like I am doing a good job. She also said several other people called her with the same issues with the same doc. It seems as if the doc is trying to push formula for what ever reason. She (La Leche) said if my supply is low take some Fenugreek or mothers milk tea both found at gnc. I know it is not my supply it is just I have a pet_te baby. Thanks for listening.



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