Attention Breast Feeding Working Moms

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Renee-Marie - June 12

I am going to go back to work in August. That will make my son nearly 3 months old. I plan on pumping while at work to keep up my milk supply. I want to hear from other moms that work - I would like to know how successful other working moms have been at handling the continuation of br___t feeding in this way.


Susan W - June 12

I'm not one of them, but if you don't get what you are looking for here, go to the La Leche League message board, and they have a whole forum dedicated just to this . . .


jmhermen - June 12

I have been working since my son was about 10 weeks old. I pump twice a day and he has never had formula. It can get discouraging, but I know it's best for him. He is now 9 1/2 months old. He eats a lot of other foods and still b___stfeeds.


babyO - June 12

I have been pumping at work for 3 months now and it has been working well. It can be frustrating mainly because its an inconvience but it is well worth it! My son is 6 mos now and I am still able to pump 16-20 oz a day just going twice. Def invest in a good pump...personally I like the Medela brand.


BeckyM - June 13

I started back at work when my daughter was 8 weeks old. I pump before work, then twice during the day, and not at all at night. Sometimes at night I run low and have to supplement with a little in a bottle. The amount I pump has gone down the last couple days, but I think it is a stress/sleep/nutrition issue. She is 14 weeks old now.


C - June 14

It worked well for me but after awhile I grew tired of dragging the pump to work everyday. At 9 months I stopped pumping all together and only nursed on demand when I was with my son. Make sure if you plan to pump to practice and make sure you have a pump you are comfortable with.


JLO - June 20

I started back at work when my little one was eight weeks old. It is a ha__sle but it is sooo worth it in the long run to know youi are giving them the best possible nutrition. I feed on demand when I am with her and pump according to what her feeding schedule would be while i am at work. it was hard at first but it gets easier. good luck!



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