Average Age To Stop BF

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Kirsten - January 31

What is a normal age to stop br___t feeding? My little sister is almost 5 and my step mother still br___t feeds this girl. I asked her why, and she said that there is nothing wierd about it, and that the average age for weening from the br___t around the world is 4. And that it is only in the US that we stop early. I wanted to ask her to quote her source, but I figured that she mujst have stong convictions for doing this, so I didn't ask for the source. Could you please tell me what the average age for weeining in the world is?


Bigbelly#2 - January 31

I found this: Average age of weaning worldwide in 1992 (see "Mothering Perinatal Healthcare Index," Mothering no. 68, Fall 1993) 4.2 years Kind of an old statistic though......I didn't see any others, but some women on other forums have mentioned the average age worldwide to be age 3.


mom - June 26

when the child is ready to let go


K - June 27

I think 5 is really excessive. I stopped at 14 mos. b/c my baby initiated it. I think it's weird to imagine a 5 year old body on someone. She is right though - the avg. for the world is 4. These are places where people are poor and can't afford food, milk, shelter, etc.....


mommy - August 3

I b___stfed my daughter until just before her fifth birhtday. She is a bright, healthy and wel adjusted 9 year old now. Extended b___stfeeding, even in places where we can afford other food and clean water, is natural and healthy. Your step sister will probably not nurse much longer.


To Mommy - August 3

Could you give me some of encourgement to stopp feeding my five y old. [email protected] THANKS


Babygirls1st - August 3

mommy...did your child get any ear infections, viruses during the 5yrs u b___stfed her?


Huh? - August 3

Wow how weird. I could not imagine my 5 yr old asking to suck on my b___b before he goes outside to play with his friends. I think these kids will have issues.


Tara - August 4

Issues?!? What about milk from a COWS b___b???


P - August 4

No those children who b___stfeed until the age of five will not have "issues". They will most likely be more self-confident and happy. That's not to say I'm going to do it but that's my issue not the baby's. I can't imagine my daughter climbing up into my lap on her own steam to b___stfeed. lol But if you're comfortable with it then do it. I would imagine you have to wean before they go to school...?


To Tara - August 5

We drink the cow's milk from a cup don't we?


Tara - August 5

Yeah, well, I drink whiskey from a cup but I wouldn't say that makes it good or normal for baby. It's not how you're getting it, but from what.The point is b___stfeeding is what nature intended, not milk from a tin can or a cows b___b. If you consider the human life span, five years is not long. I fully support and respect those who think more about their childs health than those who would rather a cow raise them.


To Tara - August 5

So you are saying a 5 yr old is a baby? and how can you compare milk to whiskey? I am all for bf but sorry I think that is way to old.


Tara - August 5

The milk/whiskey is to show you it's not about the cup, but what you're giving them. Baby as in infant? No. Baby as in very young? Yes.


KEEKEE - August 6

My baby stopped at 9 months along. He continued with formula. Wow, I can't imagine my son at 5 still b___st-feeding. I wouldn't do it. I would worry about my child being too dependent on me. I just would feel comfortable. Anyhoo, each is own. Good Luck!!!!



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