B Fing In Public

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h_solice - March 19

I know this was already a topic, but I wanted to share a personal experience and get other's opinion's. I was recently at the beach with my 8 mos. pregnant sister, and I was b/fing my 6 wk. old daughter (on the beach). I tried to be discreet about it, but with a bathing suit it was somewhat of a challenge. Anyway, I recieved a lot of criticism from my sister (her baby-on-the-way is her 1st), and I was wondering what I should say to defend myself besides "A baby has to eat." Thanks


Happy Mom - March 19

Unbelievable! You are on the beach and she says this?! If it were my sister (who has no kids) I would tell her to f**k off! Just like I did after I had my second baby and 4 days later she called me fat for the second time! She was kidding but I wasn't laughing. After your sister has her baby her att_tude should change if she is nursing. If not... just worry about nourishing your little baby.


EricaG - March 19

Hi, I'm someone who believes that women should be able to b___stfeed anywhere at anytime, but that she should keep her b___st covered, for example putting a towel or blanket loosely over the baby's head and her b___st. I'm just wondering what you were doing to be discreet, because your statement about that was kind of vague.


olivia - March 19

Don't forget your sister is hormonal and at 8 months probaby pretty sick of being pregnant. So I wouldn't take it personally, she'll probably change her tune pretty quick. I a__sume it was just you and your sister/close relatives around? I have bf in a beach situation and brought along a tank top so I could pull down my suit but have the top of my b___st covered. It worked pretty well. Anyhow, you shouldn't have to defend yourself at all. Just feed your baby when she needs it and if your sister is uncomfortable it is probably saying more about her than about you.


h_solice - March 19

thanks for all the responses! It was probably just my sister's hormones talking, like you said, she will probably change her mind after her baby comes! I do find it tough sometimes, though, to b/f in public... so many people have their own ideas about how it should be done, and where, and a lot of people don't hesitate to state those opinions very rudely! Anyway, thanks again! :)


Ginny - March 20

I'm impressed that your sister was at the beach at 8 mo's! If I had showed up at the beach when I was 8 mo's along, I would have been mistaken for a beached whale, and would have been shoved back into the water!! On top of being hormonal, she could have been self-conscious for herself and reflected those feelings onto you. I used to think I'd be super paranoid about someone seeing my b___st when Baby Girl ate, but after labor and delivery, where everybody in the hospital saw my parts (inside and out), a little skin is not so big of a deal. I am descreet and quiet about it, but if anyone sees a little of my b___st, it's because they were looking too closely - and that makes them rude and inappropriate, not me.


meandthegirls - March 20

I think as long as you do try to be discreet then people should be more understanding. I could understand the criticism if you flopped it out for everyone to see. I find that I can usually conceal everything when I am feeding and just like you I still get looks but I don't really pay attention. So go for it and the heck with those who have a problem.



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