Baby Clawing At Me While Breastfeeding

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EricaG - December 13

Hi everyone, my almost 5 month old little girl is br___tfed. She has always been a little monster at feeding time, hitting, grabbing, just very anxious when it comes to her meals. Well, in the past month she has begun grabbing my br___t and kneading it, pulling on it, scratching it, squeezing it really hard and now that she's really strong it hurts really bad and now by the end of a feeding my br___t is really red and beat up. I know this sounds like a weird question, lol. Does anybody else's baby do this, is there a reason why she is doing this? She always seems full afterwards and she is in the 75'th percentile for weight. so I don't think the problem is that there isn't enough. I just don't know what to do, it's gotten very painful and if I try to hold her down she stops eating.


K - December 13

I suspect she is just active and looking for something to do while she is eating. I doubt that it is she isn't getting enough. In her first 6 months, my little one went from the 10th percentile (she was 3 weeks early) to the 90th percentile in both weight and height- she was definitely getting enough food. She flailed around a lot while she was eating too. Luckily she would go after my arm rather than my b___st. I would have little bruises from her fingers pinching me all over my arms. It is just a phase, next month it will probably be something else. (Hopefully, she won't follow mine, because she went into a biting phase for a few weeks). You might try letting her hold a small stuffed animal or toy in the wild hand while she is nursing. That helped us some. Now at 9 months, she has calmed down a lot, I often get caressess or pats of my cheek, arm or b___st while she is nursing. It still is not unusual for me to get a kick to the throat or jaw with that cute little foot.


Kathryn - December 13

I had the same problem with my son. I found if I let him play with my hair ( it's very long) that he would leave my b___st alone. You might try wearing a b___stfeeding necklace ( I've seen them on websites to oreder). They were brightly colored beaded neclaces that the baby can hold on to while feeding.


eclipse - December 14

My little one already claws at me, and fights the nipple in the beginning. If my dh is home, he has to hold his little hands so he doesn't knock the nipple shield off LOL He is just like his mom, with the ability to knock anything useful out of someone's hand. :) Gotta learn to cut those nails. He is 3 1/2 weeks old.


Emmie - December 16

My son-who is 7 1/2 months old used to do that and I would pull him off and say ow-no-that hurts mommy and let him get back on. It didnt take long and he stopped doing it. Also my son used to like to pull my hair when he was nursing-and it hurt really bad so I started holding his hand while nursing him and it really helped-now he always likes to hold my hand while I am feeding him-even when I feed him baby food. Maybe you can hold her hand. Also this might be a stupid idea but can you put a little mitten or a sock on her hand-she can get less of a grip that way,


MizzLuvv - December 17

My 4 month old dd used to do the same thing. She also used to pull her own hair & scratch her scalp. I had to put mittens on her or hold her hand when mittens weren't handy. Now my problem is she tries to suck/chew on her fingers while nursing. When she manages to get them in her mouth, she gets unlatched & upset. Hopefully when she's done teething this will stop. So no time soon, huh


^lucy^ - December 25

my 7 months old dd pulls her hair when i bf her.. i really find it painful but she doesn't seem to bother at all :p sometimes she would move her hand and feel me.. she just moves her hand gently over me and sometimes she pulls her hair off.. oh and sometimes she gets her fingers in her own eyes!! strange babies :p


eclipse - December 26

My little one also pokes himself in his own eye, and leaves his finger there in the eyelid, so I remove it, and he puts it back! :) LOL I have got to cut his nails again-I can't believe how fast they grow into little scratching machines!!



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