Baby Didnt Gain Any Weight After 2 Weeks

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Sarah - November 10

I have a 2 weeks old daughter..i br___tfeed her....she was 7lb 5oz @ birth and was 6lb 10oz at day even after 2 weeks, she is only 6lb i not have enough br___tmilk for her ?? also, her feeding time is reducing to 10 mins...she doesnt burp frequently...cries a lot....i am not able to find out what exactly is wrong with my baby,,,,i feel so helpless....please advice...thanks a ton


Tati - November 10

Honey there is most likly nothing wrong with the baby. It's probably the b___st milk it doesnt have all the vitamins it needs. Do you eat? because if you are trying to lose weight after birth by not eating or taking pills your baby will cry and not gain weight. Try formula it's the next best thing to b___st milk. I b___stfeed (ONLY) my two daughters older until 12 months and yonger until 18 months very healthy kids. But I ate smart when I was b___stfeeding. For examlpe I would drink tea with milk or just milk with cereal in the morning had a nice meal for dinner chicken what ever has good nutritions eat vegatable sometime kids cry if you eat certin food. ex. cabbage or hot spice is not good. Sometime friuts make babies stomach b__w up too. Let me know how it worked out.


sam - November 11

how often are you feeding the baby? also, did you have your 2 week appt yet? you should probably talk to your doctor about why your daughter isn't gaining weight. like tati said, you need to eat healthy foods and drink a lot of water. your baby might be crying b/c she is hungry or said she is eating only ten that b/c she has fallen asleep? maybe try waking her up by uncovering her a bit (change a diaper, take off socks, do not swaddle during feeding) or stroking her cheek or try other things that will work for ya...and try to ask your doctor about the infrequent burps also, maybe ask them what you can do to get a good burp out. good luck with b___stfeeding sarah.


lisa - November 12

my daughter got weighed yesterday at 9 days old, she was born at 7.14, went to 7.5 and is only 7.6 now, i didnt realise i had to eat well (stupid i know) and was looking at the scales thinking it wouldnt do me harm not to eat much as i wasnt hungry anyway, but my midwife says thats why shes not putting on weight, i need to eat lots of calories, full fat milk, she said even biscuits/chocolate are good any calories, if theres no calories spare in my body theres none in the milk, also drinking guiness is supposed to help


Lesley - November 12

Make sure you are eating at least 1 decent meal a day. I know how hard it is to prepare and cook meals when you have a new born but you need to do it. Sandwiches are good. I usually have a ham salad sandwich around dinnertime. I put loads of salad on the plate too. If you gte disturbed by baby it won't go cold and you can eat it a bit later. I also eat either bran flakes or fruit and fibre for breakfast. Most of the time I have 2 bowls of it (lol). I am not interested in losing weight at the min. My baby is only 5 days old. The most important thing at the min is him bing healthy andme having anough energy to look after the kids and provide enough milk for baby. I will start to lose weight after christmas.


C - November 12

Isn't your doctor concerned? When my son wasn't gaining weight they had him coming in every other day until he was consistently gaining. Does your daughter have wet diapers and BM's consistantly? If the doctor didn't go over all of this with you, you need to get a new doctor for your baby. Some babies do gain slower than others so just really watch the diapers. You could put a tissue in her diaper if it is hard for you to tell if she has been wet or not. My son's doctor said to feed him everytime he wanted to eat. During the day I was to try every 2-3 hours and at night every 3-4. Once he was gaining weight I wasn't as worried about it and let him sleep longer. If all else fails, supplement with formula but try to keep up some b___stfeeding because it's so good for them. Pumping helps too. Let us know how she's doing now.


lisa - November 12

im eating lots now but my b___bs never seem to get really full, how can i get them realy full, do i need to express? i worry if i start expressing there wont be enough in my b___sts for next feed?


Lesley - November 12

You will always make enough for what your baby is eating.


miranda - November 15

While its true your b___sts will EVENTUALLY make enough for your baby's needs, at the beginning it is almost like you are training your b___sts to do what they are supposed to. I would get out that pump and get busy. Pump for 10-15 minutes after she is done. Store that milk in the freezer, don't give it to her. Let her b___stfeed as often and as long as she wants, and if she sleeps too much wake her up every 2-3 hours. Do this for a few days, and you'll probably see a drastic change. It also helps to drink a lot and eat regular meals, but your milk is not dependent on this. Hang in there, it's worth it when you get past the hard part!



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