Baby Eating Quick Or Not Long Enough

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DB - March 13

My dd is 6 weeks old and I can't decide if she's starting to eat quicker or just isn't eating enough during each feeding. Sometimes she'll nurse for 10-15 minutes and other times she'll nurse for 30 minutes. I try to put her back on if she quits after 10 minutes and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't....hmmm...maybe I'm just paranoid. She has plenty of wet diapers. How long should a 6 week old take to nurse?


tinkri - March 13

My ds has been nursing only 10-15 minutes since birth. He has gone from 9-2 at birth to 15-14 at 2 months, so he is definitely getting enough in that period of time. Your baby is probably just getting better at what she does!


tinkri - March 13

I meant more efficient at what she does!


kellens mom - March 13

Each kid is so different that I don't think anyone can answer your "how long should it take" question. I can only suggest that when she is taking longer, she is likely nursing for comfort as well as nutrition. As she gets older, you will notice that daytime feedings are probably quicker because she wants to get back to playing (or observing), while night time nursing is half-sleepy comfort. As long as there are plenty of diapers, you are doing great. One word of advice...don't let yourself become a human pacifier. I have heard some horror stories about ladies trying to get them off the b___st...


DB - March 13

Yeah, I usually cut her off when I feel like I'm being used!!! I will not be a human pacifier!!


Emmie - March 14

Count yourself lucky she nurses short periods of time. Until my son was about 2-3 months old he would literaly nurse for an hour at a time and only take about an hour inbetween. Now he is very efficient-5 minutes tops on each side. As long as she is having plenty of wet diapers I wount worry. Sometimes though make sure she can suck when you think she may be having a growth spurt. When they suck they are increasing your milk supply. Good luck with b___stfeeding.


chrissi79 - March 19

my dd has started to nurse faster as well. I can hear her GULPING the milk and I know I have fast let down so I'm sure she's just eating quickly. They should have the hang of bf'ing now so that's probably it.. She's still gaining weight and has PLENTY of wet and dirty diapers!! I wouldn't worry since yours does too. my dd nurses for 10-15mins every 2-3hrs and usually on one side.


DB - March 20

chrissi-so funny!! I hear the gulps too now!! It's so cute!! I also have a fast letdown, so she must be just getting faster, which is fine by me!! Now I'm working on attempting to b___stfeed her in public. I have a hooter-hider, but I'm still shy...we're flying to Colorado on Thursday, so I'll have to feed her in the airport and on the plane, guess I have to get over my fear.



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