Baby Falls Asleep During Feeding

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Toya - May 18

Just wanted to know the best way to wake my baby up and get her interested in feeding again! When she first came home from the hospital she was nursing for 15-20 minutes on each br___t and then falling asleep. Now she only nurses for about 10 minutes on each br___t and falls asleep and afterwards she is not interested in sucking the other br___t. Any suggestions?


wenling - May 19

When baby falls asleep while feeding, she may be too comfortable(warm). Try waking her up by unwrapping her if she's wrapped. or turning down the temp of the room slightly. it works for me! Good luck.


Anna - May 19

Yes, try feeding her in only a diaper or a onesie to stimulate her. But my pediatrician said 10 minutes per b___st is enough, so that might be just fine for her.


Happy Mommy - May 19

Newborn babies are sleepy heads! Try having a clean, cool, cloth to gently rub on her head or cheek. I have often just kind of wiggled there cheek with my forefinger to kind of arouse the sucking motion. But, I would not worry over it. She will have her alert times and sleepy times. She will not starve! Breastfeeding is 'udderly delightful'! Good girl for choosing the best for your baby!


michelle - May 19

Are you the Toya from the natural birth thread? If you are, how did it go? As far as nursing - now that your milk has come in and your supply is more established, she may not need to take both b___sts at a feeding. Efficient nusers can empty a b___st in a few minutes. As long as she is wetting enough diapers (8-10) a day and having bowel movements, I wouldn't worry.


Toya - May 21

Thanks for the advice ladies! Very encouraging. Michelle, yes. I am the Toya from the natural birth thread. :) I am glad that I had her natural. She was ready to suck right when she came out. I think you're right about her emptying a whole b___st in 8-10 minutes because she wets a lot of diapers and has about 2-3 stools per day...She also weighs 9 lbs I guess all babies are different. How is b___stfeeding going for you ladies?


Toya - May 23

I went to my 2 week well baby appointment and the pediatrician said that the baby is doing great! He said that it was only necessary for her to nurse for 5 minutes on each b___st! Thank God. :)


michelle - May 24

Toya, I am glad that everything went well during her birth. Good for you! YAY! And I'm glad that she is doing well, too. The first few weeks are the most difficult, but it gets better. How is nursing going for me? Well the girl is 14 mos now and I'm about 8 or 9 weeks pg. It's starting to get painful when she latches on and I find myself becoming irritable about nursing her. So I am hoping that the nipple soreness pa__ses soon. She has a lazy latch and toddlers like to experiment with novel nursing positions so it doesn't make it any easier.


E - May 26

What worked for me was unswaddling my newborn and taking off his hat, or his socks. The less womb-like the feeding is, the longer your infant may stay awake to feed.



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