Baby Feeds For Hours Almost Continuosly

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lisa - November 23

anyone else sit for hours feeding sometimes, Jasmin is fine if were out or after about 3 hours of feeding but in morning and evening wants to feed again and again, any ideas why she cant just have 30 mins every 3 hours like shes supposed to !!!


Jamie - November 23

How old is she? Most babies don't go to the every 3 hours til they're 3 or 4 weeks old; or, she could be going through a growth spurt that will most likely be over in a day or two.


Christy - November 23

Always or just recently? My son has done this to me a few times and I think it coincides with a growth spurt. Try 40 minutes every two hours. That seems to satiate the hunger beast in my boy. :)


L - November 24

Breast milk digests easily so they nurse more often. Babies also nurse for comfort. Growth spurts as mentioned too.


C - November 24

My son did this at first too. I think until about 4 weeks. He had gas at first and I think he did it because his belly hurt. Also, a growth spurt too. He's perfectly fine now and eats every 2-4 hours.


lisa - November 25

thanks everyone, i think it must be confort as when i go out she only asks for food at about the right times, every 3 hours for 40 mins, when at home she just wants to feed feed feed, luckily she sleeps well at night cos i couldnt do it 24/7.


KFish - November 28

are you allowing your b___stmilk to build back up again? If you feed and feed, there might not be enough milk to fill her. She also may be just wanting to suckle to sooth herself. How old is she? I had my son on schedule 30 minutes every 4 hours from the beginning. I would pump afterwards and give him 2 oz at a time to see if he needed additional milk. I also found out if he should wake up in 2 hours, all I did was put him on my chest and he fell back to sleep again.


lisa - November 28

Jasmin is not bothered about feeding if i take her out, will go 4 hours, but at home if she isnt asleap she wants b___st, nothing else will do, if i hold her she fights to get to the b___b, I dont feed her at night, as she sleeps for 6-8 hours every night,mabie this is why she wants to feed more, i tried a dummy or my finger which is ok when shes not hungry but i dont really want to get into habit of dummy, she just wants to suck something, she even sucks her coat collor, oh yeh shes 4 weeks wednesday, mabie shell find her thumb soon!


Shelly - November 28

There are really no "supposed to" rules for b___stfeeding. Just go with the natural flow. Don't worry about spoiling her, it cant happen at such a young age. Just meet her needs, and she will be well adjusted. Ignoring her needs is where things will go wrong. Make sure that you get enough rest, eat well, and drink pleanty of water. A good rule is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Enjoy your wonderful new relationship!


KFish - November 28

I gave my son a binky around 7 weeks. The sucking sooths them. After a year, I took the binky away and there was no problem. It is easier to take a binky away than a thumb.


Christy - November 29

Well, I stand corrected. Just when I thought we were getting into a routine, Ben strikes again. Ben is currently on a feeding rampage as of yesterday evening, feeding every 1-2 hours. Didn't sleep much last night, had weird dreams in the short periods I did, haven't brushed teeth or eaten much either. I hope he can calm down or sleep long enough to let me shower and eat today. I have been worrying that he is going through my milk faster than I can make it, although I am not sure if that is possible. He is still goofy about latching on- takes him at least five minutes. IS this normal or do I need to call a lactation consultant?


lisa - December 4

i was told to let baby cry for few mins if they are not latching properly as it will make them put in more effort! and we have to eat lots to produce good milk, i notice a direct effect if i dont eat well then she feeds more, i guess because she doesnt get the fat and calories from my milk, thats what my midwives say


alysa - December 9

my baby is a major eater too, my dr. said it was a growth spurt that made him so insatiably hungry. I sometimes give him a bottle of formula (about 4 oz.) and then pump to make sure my supply doesn't go down. I don't do this very often but I'm wondering if anyone else does the same thing. He would stay on the b___b ALL DAY LONG if I let him, milk or not. This only lasts a couple days at a time, but thisis his 2nd growth spurt (he's 6 wks old) and it's really frustrating to b___stfeed so long, and so often. . . nice to know other moms have this issue too.


Christy - December 9

I am dreading the 6 week mark. I don't want him on my chest for 6 hours again. I was wondering what I could do to get through it this next time. Any suggestions? I am afraid to do the formula thing b/c unfortunately, part of the growth spurt process is to increase the milk supply as well. Ugh. This is one of those things in nature that I like to refer to as "stupid design" and proves to me that God is a man after all- lol!


Carol - December 9

Sounds harsh, but if you don't let him at your chest for 6 hours, he won't be there for 6 hours. I refuse to believe any kid no matter what kind a growth spurt, would need to actually feed for that long. If you let him, you're a masochist.


Christy - December 10

Well, it isn't six hours straight. It's like an hour on, stop for diapering, on another 45-50 minutes, stop for 10-15, on for 45 minutes, etc. It is still tough, though.


lisa - December 10

im with you christy! Jasmin feeds wat i consider normally if im out but without the outside stimulation contatant moving in pushchair/car she wants feeding, she has colic/tummy pains and im sure sucks for comfort during eve as she cant get the poo out (watery when it does) i sit all night, if i take her off she crys



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