Baby Fussing At The Breast

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ChrissyR - October 27

My 3 week old is not nursing contently. He is always fussing at the br___t... pulling his head back and whining, unlatching and then coming back for it... I don't know what is going on. Does anyone know what could be wrong??? I seem to have plenty of milk... it is always dripping out of his mouth. also, the past 2 days he is spitting up a lot... any advice would be helpful. Thanks.


Katie - October 27

My son has been doing the same thing for months now (he is five months). He seems to do it now when he gets sleepy and is fighting it. He too would spit up a lot, but not as much now.


Jamie - October 28

Can he breathe? My daughter will do that if she's got a stuffy nose - she can't breathe through her nose, so she'll pull away from the b___st and gasp for air through her mouth. If that's the case, use that little snot sucking bulb thing they gave you at the hospital. Another thing I did was put a little Vapor Rub on my b___st, about 2 inches above my areola - far enough away that my daughter never came into physical contact with it, but close enough that she could smell it. Cleared the congestion right up. Another possibility is that your flow is a little too strong for him right now, and it gags him. In that case, a nipple shield would help.


me too - October 28

my son does that too. but i have noticed that's its usually when there is a stubborn burp in there.


April - October 28

CrissyR - It sounds like he needs to burp. Patting is just to comfort the baby. It's the pressure against the tummy that forces the burp out. He could be spitting up because he's not being burped enough or simply because of something you ate. Milk, eggs and wheat are the worst offenders. You could try cutting them out for a few days to see if it improves and if it does you could reintroduce them into your diet one at a time to see if you can figure out what is causing it. Eggs make my little guy spit up like crazy. Best of luck!


Jenn.. - October 28

It sounds like you have an over abundant milk supply. If milk is dripping out of his mouth it is coming too fast for him. If you aren't already, start to only offer one b___st at each feeding. If you already do that pump or hand express a little before feeding him, that way that sudden rush of milk doesn't frustrate him.


hr - October 28

Sounds like gas, try burping him


C - October 28

Do you supplement with bottles? I do and I noticed my son is now used to the fast consistant flow of a bottle. He's only content at my b___st if I haven't b___stfed him for about 4 hours. Otherwise it comes out too slow for him. I have this problem because I work full time. I really wanted to b___stfeed on the weekends but it's getting harder and harder so sometimes I still pump on the weekends too. Another problem is my son is starting to bite me (he's 6 months) and he doesn't understand if I tell him no. The first time I screamed OW because I didn't know what was happening and he started to cry. I notice he'll bite me usually when I can tell my milk is too slow for him. I think the combination of his gums hurting and the milk being slow brings this on. It hurts really bad.


sam - October 29

my son does that when he has a bad case of gas...burp him frequently or you can try gas drops (Mylicon) really sucks, hang in will get better before you know it though.


S - October 29

I agree with earlier response that you probably have an over active let down. I knew somebody who had to feed on one b___st for 12 hours before using the other inorder to slow it down. I am not saying to do that just feed on one b___st per feed.



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