Baby Not Gaining Weight Help

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Barb - November 22

my baby girl will be six weeks old tomorrow and doesn't seem to be gaining weight. I'm exclusively br___tfeeding and starting to think I should supplement maybe just 1 bottle at night or something. I had her weighed yesterday and she weighs the same she did 3 weeks ago :( However....she IS hitting all her milestones...holding her head up, cooing,smiling,following objects with her eyes ect.. but she's so anyone dealing with this???? The doctor really believes in br___tfeeding, as I do...but she said I could supplement at night ...any thoughts?? She weighed 7lbs.and 5oz. at birth, now at 6 weeks she's only 7lbs. 8oz. ....I was hoping she would be at least 8lbs. by now....


Dawn - November 22

Hey Barb! If Iwere you I may try the suppliment to see if it helps. My lil guy was 7lb 7 oz when he was born. When we left hospital he was down to 7lbs 2 oz. I was very upset BUT at his 2 wk ck up he was 8lbs 10 oz. I was worried because I was only b___stfeeding and I was afraid he was not getting enough!!!! I guess he is. If I were in your situation I may suppliment those noght feedings. How often does your lil one eat and for how long????


Barb - November 22

Hi Dawn! Trinity eats all the time...about every 2hrs., even more frequent than that during the day...she falls asleep while eating so I always try to wake her up and undress her a bit ect... so she is eating frequently and for long periods, like 20-30 min's at each feeding. I did start the formula supplement tonight...but I do NOT want to stop nursing!! I love it so much :) my MIL told me to feed her first at the b___st THEN supplement and pump throughout the day to keep my milk we'll see how it goes.


lisa - November 23

hey barb, good to hear from you, what do the proffesionalls say about why trinity isnt putting on weight, mabie its trinity not your b___stmilk, i know though that i wasnt eating enough calories and Jasmin wasnt putting on much, now im eating lots and she is settled, Jasmin has started cooing and smiling its so sweet


Sarah - November 23

I'm no expert but if you look on you could get some good advice about what you should do. Good Luck!


Barb - November 23

thanks guys...I think I'm not eating enough during the day, that did cross my mind...and I'll check that website out today too.The doctor just left it up to me as to what I wanted to do...I go back to see her on the 8th and she said we'd discuss it more who knows.That's why I started the formula see what the difference is in a couple weeks and me eating more, hopefully there will be SOME weight gain when we go back.


Ranya - November 25

Hey barb,how are you? Is Trinity regurgitating? I was told we can have our milk tested to see how nutritious or watery it is, do you have that option in the US? When you pump, how much do you get? I'm sure the formula supplement will do the trick, my sil says it's very creamy. Good luck & let us know how she's doing!


Barb - November 25

Hi nice to hear from friends :) Trinity seems ok...but we won't know until we get her on the scale again on the 8th. I'm giving her supplements, just a couple bottles a day bc I don't want to lose my milk. She's not spitting up much at all...and when I pump I get about 2-3oz. atr a time...I've never heard of testing my milk, but I'll certainly ask the doctor about it when we go in on the 8th, thank you! She's very happy...cooing and even started to "giggle" a bit, it's just great! She's just so tiny...I'll definetley keep you all posted. Thanks for your help....I'm eating more too, hope that helps.


Sarah - November 28

Be carefull with your suplements if you want to keep your milk supply. Do you only give the bottle right after nursing? The best thing I did when I had the same problem was to go to bed with my baby for a week. I just stayed in bed for a week like I was sick. Eating, sleeping and nursing are all I did. That's all it took to get her weight up! I guess I was trying to do to many things and not taking proper care of myself. I also think I wasn't nursing often enough. Remember that formula is artificial b___stmilk and is not as good as the real thing. Hope this helps.


Barb - November 29

well...I took her to get weighed yesterday and she has gained 7oz. in one week! So... I will keep doing what I'm doing...I just want to be careful not to lose my milk! I've been eating more and supplementing only 2 bottles a day...seems to be working . We go in again on the 8th to see the doctor...I wish I could just stay in bed for a week Sarah, but I have 2 other children to care for and it's just not possible...but...I nurse ALL day long and she does sleep with me at night :) I'll keep you guys posted...thanks!


Barb - December 8

well...i took Trinity to the doctor today...she didn't gain anymore weight :( she's 8 weeks old now and only 7lbs. and 13oz. the doc. told me to feed her only formula for a week and write down every time she feeds and go back in a week to see if she's gained any....she thinks i don't have enough to say I'm very depressed today and to top it off she got her shots today and not feeling to well :( I'm so sad............


kate - December 8

ONLY formula for a week? What about your b___stmilk? You will dry up unless you nurse..... I don't understand. Does she want you to pump or something? And even so, pumping isn't as efficient. If you do ONLY formula for a week, you may as well kiss b___stfeeding goodbye. It just doesn't make sense to me. ???


breastfeeding Mom - December 8

Visit a lactation consultant please to get help if you want to bf longer.


Heidi - December 9

Hey Barb. Sorry to hear you're having problems. Did your doctor tell you why she's not gainging weight? Does she act like she's not getting enough milk when nursing her? Does she cry when she's done or act hungry still? Is she spitting up at all? Sometimes Emma keeps eating even though I know she's full because she'll spit it all back up so I know she's too full but she likes to nurse and fall asleep. She's 8 wks old and is around 10 lbs. I can't believe how much weight she's packing on! She nurses about every 3-4 hours. Sometimes longer, some days shorter. Just depends on her growth spurts I guess. Drink TONS of water during the day. I notice if I don't drink a few bottles of water a day I feel like I'm not as full but yet Emma doesn't fuss after a feeding either. I don't eat very well either since she was born but I seem to have enough milk. If you're stressed out that will hurt your milk supply too. I'm sure caring for other children can be trying too! I'd say keep nursing instead of worrying about pumping. I found that the days I pump then I don't have enough milk for her later in the day and end up using the milk I pumped. At least with a bottle you know how much she's getting though. That part I liked but she sort of gags on the nipples and it's just WAY easier nursing vs bottle so I've only given her a few bottles since she was born. Keep us informed on how it's going! Emma gets her first shots on the 20th. I'm so worried about it!


Jenn... - December 9

I had the same EXACT problem with Blake. He just wasn't gaining weight in the beginning. It took a 5 weeks before I could get him back to his birth weight and 3 of those weeks was no loss - no gain. *Please see a lactation consultant*. Because occasional supplmenting at this stage is going to risk you suply and b___stfeeding relationship. When I was having problems early on I got the book by Dr Sears "The BReastfeeding Book" and saw a lactation consultant. That was the last week I had problems and since then my b___stfeeding experience has been wonderful. Blake is now 6 months old and still nursing.


Barb - December 9

Well as far as nursing...I'm going to keep putting her to my b___st every few hours reguardless of what the doc. says, but I guess I'll give her a bottle too bc maybe I don't have enough milk...but if she stops suckling then I'll lose my milk and be devistated...if she doesn't gain sufficient weight by next thursday, she wants to take blood and see if there's any medical reason for her not PLEASE keep Trinity in all your prayers guys. She's a HAPPY baby! I can't imagine there's a medical problem...but I think I will find a lactation consultant, thanks mil was in laleche for over 25 years and a major b___stfeeding advocate,so her suggestions and support really help too......


Barb - December 9 doctor said to pump and store my milk for the week, but I know Trinity needs to keep suckling to keep my milk supply up so after much begging with my doc. she said to go ahead and put her to my breat if it will make me feel better...just write it down how often and give her the bottles every 4 hrs. doc. is a b___stfeeding supporter too, so the fact that she's telling me to feed formula for a week makes me wonder how worried about her weight she is.



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